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Why Manga Publishing Is Dying And How It Could Get Better (io9 article) January 23, 2012

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Read the article here. It provides a very interesting look at the Japanese and American markets, and talks about scanlations and doujinshi as well.

I recently started buying manga again, but then the companies started closing. It makes me hesitate to start buying anything. Now I’m stuck with random volumes and can never get the rest of the story – unless someone else picks it up, at which point I have to decide if it’s worth repurchasing. Past experience says no: I first bought Tactics when ADV had the title, then began buying it as a TokyoPop title … and still don’t have the whole thing!

I don’t think anyone will disagree about the market being over-saturated. It was hard to part with the $15-17/volume when the quality kept getting cheaper and cheaper, too.

Japanese Candy, Straight to Your Door! January 22, 2012

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I grew up in a city with no Asian grocery store. It is a sad, sad fate for someone who loves Asian food. Thankfully though, both the cities I’ve lived in since provided fantastic Asian groceries stores within a half hour’s walk from my door. And one of my favourite things to do when I’m stressed out is purchase random items from the candy aisle. I spent an entire year of undergrad paying almost $3 for a Kit-Kat bar every time I went grocery shopping – but the Japanese ones had so many intriguing flavours! Small joys, small joys.

For those of you without access to Asian grocery stores, there is now Candy Japan. For $24 a month, you can have random Japanese candy mailed straight to your door. There are two monthly packages, and the site ships anywhere in the world. Now obviously the site must be turning a profit, and I’m sure these are simply small samples that cost very little to actually ship. But this service? Is something I would’ve eaten up in high school! Plus I love the element of surprise involved (and getting packages in the mail, but who doesn’t love that?)

Disclaimer: no, I haven’t tried it. But I think this is a fantastic business idea and can definitely see the appeal in subscribing.

(As a side note, my current love is Vietnamese Banana Candy. So addicting.)

music: can’t get it out of my head October 26, 2009

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I’ve decided K-pop is a plague upon innocent minds, because so many songs exist that get trapped in your head for days. The most recent affliction I’ve suffered is SNSD’s “Gee” – in under a week it’s climbed into my top tracks on last.fm! It’s incredibly counter-productive when there’s a pile of reading to do, and all you want to do is play mp3s on repeat.

So my question is, what songs have you heard recently that wormed their way in and just wouldn’t leave!