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Introduction August 4, 2008

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The best way to start the blog is by introducing myself. There’s a quick summary here, and like it says, this blog will have a little bit of everything. Genre has never really been a huge deal for me – the draw has always been the characters and the art. This means posts can range from general series overviews to discussions about yaoi-themed series. Keep an open mind: there are going to be posts that just aren’t for you.

The Girl Behind The Text
I’m female, Canadian, and currently an undergrad student doing a degree focused on Canadian & Asian history/culture. I also have a fairly big interest in cooking (I confess now, I’m a huge Food Network addict) and love to explore both recipes and prepared foods from other cultures.

Antique Bakery / Carnelian / Clannad / Code Geass / Genshiken / Great Lake Swimmers / Gundam Seed / Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / Hinako Takanaga / Inariya Fusanosuke / Junjou Romantica / La Esperanca / Loveless / Lucky Star / Miliyah Kato / melody. / Namie Amuro / Navel / Osen / Shuffle! / Silver Diamond / Son Dam Bi / Wilco / xxxholic / Zettai Kareshi