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music: melody. August 27, 2008

Posted by chiisai_hana in : music , trackback

I wanted to throw up a kpop review, but I began listening to ‘Lei Aloha’ and had to do melody. instead. I’m not sure how popular she is, I’ve actually heard very little about her. From what I can gather, ‘Lei Aloha’ (her latest album) wasn’t a big hit compared to ‘Ready To Go!’. They’re different albums though. ‘Ready To Go!’ has some great upbeat tracks, where ‘Lei Aloha’ is calming and gorgeous if you’re in the right mood. It’s highlight track, for me, is the short track ‘Peace Song’.

One of melody.’s strengths for overseas fans is her English. Born and raised in Hawaii, her English tracks stand strong on their own. I’d recommend checking out some of her singles, where English versions of Japanese tracks are often included.

Personally, I find melody.’s music to be fulfilling pop music. It’s often upbeat and happy, but it’s not done in an obnoxious or cheesy manner. Some people might disagree, but she’s quickly become one of my most listened to artists.

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