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music: Son Dam Bi September 3, 2008

Posted by chiisai_hana in : music , trackback

When I began to explore K-pop this summer, one of the first artists I encountered was Son Dam Bi. She’s the up and coming artist in South Korea, famous for the dancing skills she honed while training in America. In the past year, Son Dam Bi has released one single and one mini-album, both with strong track sets. While the song ‘Bad Boy’ is catchy, I find ‘Cry Eye’ to be the stronger compilation; neither are bad listens though. I’m less sure about her newer ballad releases, but hopefully she can live up to such a strong debut. If you like RnB inspired pop music, or are just new to the Korean music scene, I recommend listening to Son Dam Bi. I found her music to be a good gateway into the Kpop genre, as it’s not a huge jump from the style of Jpop singers like Namie Amuro.

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