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anime: Code Geass (finale) September 29, 2008

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It’s impossible to not talk about this episode. Most of the popular discussion just frustrates me so I’ll confine my comments to this blog – I could argue forever with fans but it won’t change my opinion.

The ending was exactly what I wanted. That’s not to say it was a great episode, but that conclusion to everything, the conclusion to Suzaku and Lelouch’s story, satisfies me. All these people throwing around the “Lelouch is alive” theories annoy me, because it doesn’t morally make sense for Lelouch and it cheapens his sacrifice. Lelouch fully accepts all his sins, he always has and that’s why Zero’s Requiem came about. If anything, Lelouch exists in The World of C. Alive? I certainly hope Sunrise never takes us down that path.

I must admit, my Suzaku/Lelouch bias will always be present. It’s the lens I see the show through; my raison d’etre for even watching in the first place. There is a lot about Code Geass I ignore because I wouldn’t be satisfied with it if I focused on it as a whole. But the core story, about two boys setting out to create a better world, was one I could cling to. I’m still sad we didn’t get more of Suzaku’s story, but hopefully there will be another introspective picture drama that can fill in some gaps.

For now, I’ll turn my attentions to waiting for the next round of doujinshi releases. I’m curious to see what my favourite circles can come up with. Geass was, and always will be, a fond memory despite it’s ups and downs.

anime: Code Geass August 21, 2008

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These days, everyone and anyone is talking about Code Geass. Best anime ever? Worst? I’ve read a lot of discussions, and both sides are equally supported. The latest posts on the LiveJournal community suggest that the original R2 concept was scraped completely, after changes were already made to R1’s plot. This certainly explains some of the plot holes.

Perhaps we all just have too high of expectations. With so many characters, every fan wants their favourites to steal the spotlight and get their story told. I personally wish the story had stayed focused on the tensions between Lelouch and Suzaku. To me, that was the entire point of Geass – two boys thrown into this crazy war, friends turned enemies, but still needing each other because even if they have different methods, their goals were so very similar. “Change Britannia, protect our loved ones.” It saddens me that Suzaku was all but pushed out of the way to make room for new characters. I’ve craved his back story for a long time, and I may never get it. We can piece his character together with the glimpses we have, but we’ll never get to know him like Lelouch. I still don’t have an optimistic outlook for his future; he’s noticeably absent from the OP and it’s unsettling.

So do I fall on the “greatest” or “worst” anime side? Somewhere in between for me. The writing isn’t as strong as I would like. Even in the first season, it very much gave the impression of too many writers vying to get their story lines in. R2’s pacing has been even more insane, and yet they’re still not wrapping up some loose ends. If the plot is so weak then, why do I watch it? Simple: because I’m in love with the characters. Their happiness, their hardship, what motivates them, and those tiny details like how Lelouch is a good seamstress & cook. It’s not so much about “will Lelouch succeed?” for me, but “who is Lelouch?” I realize this is the fanfiction writer in me speaking, and I know it’s not enough for some people, but this is what motivates me to come back every Sunday and watch the latest episode.

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