Club 57 in Roppongi, Tokyo Sunday, Dec 7 2008 

Pardon the long run on but, here’s the prelude to the story below… So I’ve been studying motion capture systems this weekend and was just pretending that I was performing animations for a mocap recording doing random poses, stances, strikes, blocks and parries … essentially image training for a combat system that I’ve been developing for a game … when I remembered this one other time when I was moving my body in similarly odd ways.

Occasionally, stories and rumors will circulate about me that are a bit out of this world. Even when I get the stories directly from the source, I still can’t believe them. Unfortunately for me, most of them occur when I get inebriated and that never seems to help my memory. Funnily enough, I found a picture on the net today that jogged a memory of a recent trip. Below is a picture of a hard-to-forget girl doing her thing that I came across during my trip in Japan. (Again, I just found this picture on the web when I did a google image search for “roppongi club”.)

Girl with lights

Now here’s the part that I remember. With a little assistance from my old friend Vodka and a few other good pals, I ended up battling this fox in the middle of the dance floor with an unnerving amount of spectators watching. Now by battling, I mean a dance-off… as in, I bust my moves and then you bust your moves…. except, honestly, I had no real moves to bust and just ended up moving my body in ways that I’ve never moved before. Anyways, everybody seemed to have a good time and nobody booed me off the floor (hurray!). Later that night at around 4am, we left club 57 and crashed in another buddy’s hotel room for a few hours.

Have you added a touch of insanity to your life yet? Things to do before I die: have a real good time making a fool out of myself. Check, check and check.

UPDATE: Upon further inspection, I realized that the photograph was actually taken while we were there… and apparently the blog that I found the picture on is the blog of the fox in the picture. There are three other people in the photograph that I can identify, one of them being a bud that I traveled around with. Here’s a big ol’ shout-out to Takuya, Masako and Yuu!

Karaoke Battle: Eternal Snow Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 

Challenge Song
Eternal Snow


My Rendition

Download: Eternal Snow

Other Renditions
None so far..

Kimi wo suki ni natte Dorekurai tatsu no kaNA?
Kimochi Fukurande yuku bakari de
Kimi wa Kono omoi kidzuiteiru no kana?
Ichido mo kotoba ni wa Shitenai kedo

Yuki no youni Tada shizukani
Furitsumori Tsudzukete yuku

Hold me tight Konna omoi nara
Dareka wo suki ni naru kimochi
Shiritaku Nakatta yo
I love you Namida tomaranai
Konnan ja Kimi no koto
Shirazuni ireba Yokatta yo

GOOG vs BIDU Tuesday, Sep 9 2008 

Stockchart - Baidu

A university friend of mine recently asked if I had been following Baidu and frankly, the answer was no.  I’m personally not too keen on buying into a stock whose valuation ratios run MUCH higher than normal, regardless of how awesome it might be in the future.  (more…)

Wall Art Monday, Aug 25 2008 

In my search for stuff to put in my wall, I figured I might as well try my hand at art and here’s what I came up with:


I ran my artistic creation through a couple of vendors who print & frame items, but unfortunately getting it in the form-factor shown above is unrealistically expensive ( ie $153.90 list price, see here ). Oh well…

Office Space Sunday, Aug 24 2008 

Welcome to my office. Try to ignore the graininess in the pics. I really need a real digital camera. These webcam shots are just so bad… I also need some wall decor as well.

Room 1d

Room 1a

Here’s a shot of the same room from a different angle with only the desk lamp turned on.

Room 1b

Room 1e

Here’s what I see sitting down in the captain’s chair without any lights turned on.

Room 1c

I’m in Love Wednesday, Apr 2 2008 

The weather was great yesterday. The windows were down and the sunroof open on my drive to get some lunch. It was a windy forest road of about 30-40 mph to this excellent French bakery near my office. The chicken panini with pesto that they made for $6 and change was delicious as always, and the bag of potato chips, kettle-cooked with sea salt, that they threw in as a courtesy item wasn’t half bad.

Some pics on the car

Last night, I was watching Aria The Animation with my window open.

A quick synposis: “In the year 2301, Mars has been terraformed into a second home for humankind—but a quirk of nature has left it 90% covered in water, earning it the name “Aqua.” On the planet Aqua is the city of Neo-Venezia, a recreation of old Venice, and it is here in Neo-Venezia that Akari Mizunashi is training to be a gondolier, also known as an “undine.” Day by day, Akari discovers new experiences and new friends: teaching an old man to appreciate the city’s charms, cleaning out the gondolas, passing the time while waiting for a friend, exploring an ancient shrine, and competing in the annual citywide gondola race.”

Aria the Animation

As I was watching my 2nd episode of the night, a soft cool breeze blew in and I was instantly reminded of my drive earlier that day. The only thing that could’ve made my day any better was if I opened up the bottle of white that’s currently sitting chilled in my refrigerator.

By the way, that’s not a picture of my car. I don’t have a digital camera right now so I just googled for something that looked like it. Slowly but surely, the idealistic, romantic, and idyllic part of me is realizing itself one bit at a time.

Yellow Dog 6 Sunday, Mar 16 2008 

The Playstation 3 is one beast of a machine. I just installed Yellow Dog 6 on it, a linux distribution for power pcs, and have it currently connected to my local network via WiFi.

I wish I had a better camera, but here’s a picture of my TV playing Yotsunoha 01 on it. Its rather grainy because I took the picture using my laptop’s webcam.

Neko Musume

Now there’s a lot of room for improvement before PS3s can reasonably get turned into mainstream Home Theatre PCs, but with a Nokia N810 or other handheld capable of WiFi browsing, there’s seriously a lot of potential in this expensive setup. Just think of using a touchscreen iPhone-like device to download, bittorrent, and play video or music on your home theatre. You can also browse the web, check your email, run any of the OpenOffice programs and even chat online via instant messenger programs – all from your nice big hi definition TV.

ATNI vs BTM Wednesday, Feb 27 2008 

ATNI Stock Chart

Today, I was considering increasing my position on ATNI (Atlantic Tele-Network Inc). ATNI is a microcap telecom company that operates in North America and the Carribeans, and has with an earnings report due this Friday, February 29th. Although I have hopes that the news will be good, I thought to myself… “is this something that a truly savvy investor would do? “Hope?” Most certainly not!(more…)

True Tears Wednesday, Feb 27 2008 

Here’s the opening to one of my favorite animes of the season. Everything has just been so wonderfully put together. The story, the characters, the voice acting, the animation, the pace… most importantly, the drama. True Tears is a symphonic piece of art – a piece that I plan on buying if it ever is within my budget.

Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan Tuesday, Feb 26 2008 

I’m not a lolicon. Really… I’m not. I just find this show awesome in each and every way. Just watch the OP I’ve posted and maybe you’ll understand it as well.

More episodes to come soon.