Has it really been 6 months since the last release of 11eyes? Well since you’ve had to wait so long we have two new episodes for you.

As Kit said two months ago, the group is essentially disbanded and anyone who wanted to fansub has found other groups to help out. Many of us have migrated to Wasurenai who have been supporting us even after we died off. But enough of the doom and gloom. This is a release post so here you go:

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 06 [1280×720 BD H264] [5D347EFF].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 07 [1280×720 BD H264] [666A7AEF].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent

Xvid will be coming out too for those of you that prefer low-res anime.

As far as the next episodes go I can’t give a definite release window for them however 8 and 9 are at TLC and 10 is at editing so they are being worked on.

yeah about those 4 months. Activity = 0 since the group has essentially fallen apart. Nogizaka is dropped due to lack of motivation and since Doki has already done a solid job on it. I have no idea as to what’s going on with 11eyes as I’m out of the loop on that one.

As for Yoshimune, it’s stalled. We would like to finish it, but we’re going to need help. If there is anyone/group out there who would like to help us/me with this project let me know.

Now, as for a new project and to revitalize this group, I would like to work on the BDs for Yosuga no Sora since it seems UTW and Ryuumaru won’t be doing it and I’m pretty sure Nuke won’t do it. I prefer to use Nuke’s scripts but if whatever staff I gather prefers to use UTW and Ryuumaru’s scripts instead, then by all means I really don’t care.

With that said, basically all positions are being sought for at this time. Either PM me at Fansub TV or find me on IRC. I’ll be a bit more active over the next month.

As promised more 11eyes has been released. I am somewhat late on posting this however from the looks of things this may be the last blog post for a little while. The team has slowly been disintegrating for a while now. One of our translators Moshiburner has been recruited by 2-3 other groups so he is always busy. The other translator is having internet problems and gets distracted quite easily. The leader of the group shows up about once a week and even then only for a short time. I myself haven’t been actively working on anything for the group either as the only things that need doing are for Nogizaka which I am sure no one has been waiting for anyways since Doki finished the BDs for it a long time ago.

Many thanks again to Wasurenai though for sticking with us despite all that the group is going through.

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 03 [1280×720 BD H264] [143C5A8B].mkv
DDL | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 04 [1280×720 BD H264] [A8BDECCF].mkv
DDL | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 05 [1280×720 BD H264] [C956932B].mkv
DDL | Torrent

No DDL for episode 5 yet that I know of. Will update this post with DDL link when I get it.

It has been quite a while since our last release however most of the staff have been actively working with other groups to bring you your weekly dose of anime goodness. In addition to that we have a joint with Wasurenai to get 11eyes released within a reasonable amount of time. Since the project was taking a considerable amount of time we have switched to BD releases.

Here are eps 1 and 2:

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 01 [1280×720 BD H264] [07238189].mkv
DDL | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 02 [1280×720 BD H264] [85D7593D].mkv
DDL | Torrent

480p may or may not be released at a later date. Expect 3 and 4 within the next few days.

Many thanks to Wasurenai for all the work they have put in to get these releases to you the viewer.

AIKa Zero Batch torrent is here. As promised in my last post, the batch torrent contains all updates in both 720p and 1080p along with the three picture dramas. Individual torrents will no longer be seeded by us.

TL: Moshiburner
Timer: Moshiburner, langes01x
Editor: nomae
Karaoke: langes01x
QC: Kit-Tsukasa
Encoder: doomsayer

Still searching for Basquash! BD files, so please refer if you have any.


DDL after the break
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youtube has stopped hosting videos greater than 10 minutes

We have done another Touhou request by the user Fuko_Ibuki here.  The total DVD is about 12 minutes long and is made up of four different songs.  The softsubbed version holds two karaoke subtitles.  One simple karaoke and one complex karaoke.  The hardsubbed ones are the complex version.

The Full DVD comes in two versions.  The first version is FLAC, with all the audio of the original DVD in 5.1 audio.  The second is encoded to be stereo in AAC and has stereo audio.  The seperate parts (OP, Ouendan, Hana Kagura, and ED) are all 5.1 audio and in the original audio that it came in so there’s no loss of audio quality even with it’s small size.  We are aware of that the video quality is poor.  The reason for this is because the original DVD was horrible in quality.  The videos here are just around the same quality.  The video should also have an anamorphic stretch to 16/9 but no pixels are lost from the original.  If you’re using MPC, you can press the numpad #6 to stretch horizontally to make it fit a widescreen TV.

TL: Moshiburner
Timer: JinK
Karoake: Langes01x
Encoder: JinK

The video as a whole cannot be viewed on youtube because of their limit.  These are the contents of the whole DVD in order:
OP – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=706GiEnIj1s
Ouendan – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kxYJu90aIE
Hana Kagura – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8aTS949UTs
ED – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6pZC7QpNDs

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Yay, so we’re done with another one…well mostly.

There will be a batch torrent eventually. However, we plan on releasing the picture dramas along with the batch torrent. The batch will include a revised version of episode 1 with the correct karaoke and proper encodes, picture drama 1 will also be revised with a more properly edited script, and lastly episode 2 will have the proper file name attached. Evidently we screwed up a little bit on naming the file, but you won’t have to redownload the file again if you already downloaded the original. Picture drama 2 is done but we’re holding off on the release until we or someone finds us a BD rip of Picture Drama 3. If anyone knows where to find this, please leave us a comment here or drop by the irc: #[email protected] and let one of the staff members know where to find it.

We’re also still looking for BD rips of Basquash! (preferably THORA quality) and Asura Cryin’ DVDs, so for those who know, please do reply.

Episode 3:
720p: Torrent | DDL | Mirror
1080p: Torrent | DDL | Mirror

So we’re finally done with our first project. Although it nearly took a year, which was far longer than anticipated, it’s done. There are no individual torrents for episode 11 and 12 so either grab them from the batch or go download them from the mirror(s). Help seed the torrent if you can.

Batch: Torrent

Episode 11: DDL | MU

Episode 12: DDL | MU

DDLs and Screenshots for all of the FTV-Subs School Days releases are also available here.

Thanks go to the following for their contribution to the project:
TLC: JinK and Moshiburner
Edit: nomae and langes01x
Karaoke: langes01x
QC: Kit-Tsukasa
Encode: Primula and doomsayer

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That’s not a typo

After 2 months of numerous setbacks, no releases, and god knows how long the last School Days Episode was out, here’s Episode 10. Hopefully the last two episodes will be done within the next couple weeks.

Episode 10: Torrent | DDL | MU


It’s finally out. We do plan to revise our episode 1 release from god knows how long ago. Episode 3 is currently at editing. Picture dramas are also on the to-do list, so expect more AIKa.

Nogizaka BD 1 has been qc’d but expect to wait a bit more as we are deciding as to whether or not we should make the release “prettier.” Episode 5 is waiting revisions. Everything else is unchanged.

720p: Torrent | MA DDL | MU Mirror
1080p: Torrent | MA DDL | MU Mirror

Due to poor connection, Torrent seeding will be slow, so those who can DDL, please help seed.
Edit – MA seeding from the server now.