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Probing the subconscious

Posted by Juhachi on April 13th, 2008

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Yay for my first blog post at Fansub TV. I doubt anyone will be reading this, or most of my other entries, but that is not of my concern. I decided to make this blog due to things I feel I want to write down and which may give insight to others as well. Particularly, tonight I was thinking about Key works, as I often do, and I came across some startling revelations along the way that I thought I should write down.

Firstly, I was thinking about the differences between the conscious and subconscious thoughts produced after having watched the anime series adaptations by Kyoto Animation for Kanon, Air, and Clannad. This came about by wondering what type of people prefer one series over the other, such as any given anime series out there, and since I know the Key anime so well, I thought I’d look into those first for insight. For Kanon, I thought that consciously a person may get out of Kanon that it was a story about not forgetting what you have done in the past, and having to atone for things in the past that caused repercussions in the future. On a subconscious level, I surmised that one may retain the image from Kanon that life changes slowly and gradually, as the name Kanon suggests, taken from the English “canon“. I realized that certain people may be attracted to Kanon due to the reassurance that life doesn’t change gradually, but slowly and imperceptibly, and only after you look back are you able to see how much has changed.

For Air, on a conscious level it would be a story about resurrection and the task to go on a journey in order to complete something, all without being uncertain if the journey will succeed or not. Subconsciously, Air tells a story of finding the person you are most meant to be with after a very long journey, in other words, your soul mate. Those who prefer Air over other Key works may be more akin to the idea of a soul mate either through life experiences, or though hope for the future.

For Clannad, the obvious conscious message is the power of family and getting along the best you can with those around you, especially your loved ones, even if it’s difficult at times. Subconsciously, Clannad was a story about life changes, but much more profound than in Kanon. Initially, Clannad represents a setting which is unchanging from day to day, as Tomoya himself states. Then, Tomoya starts to meet and interact with many different characters around him which changes his daily life into something he could have never imagined. Those who particularly like Clannad may be partial to the idea that life can change when you least expect it, and also those who like to change and improve on their situation.

Looking at these three series from this standpoint, I can plainly see why I did not like Air or Clannad as much as Kanon, though this is just one explanation. I, for one, don’t really have a reason to believe in soul mates, and I don’t particularly like sudden life changes, which leaves me with Kanon, the one Key work I love the most. Looking at it in the way I have outlined above, it’s obvious to me that this could be one reason why I am so partial to Kanon’s story; in that, it reflects a gradual change throughout the story. From day to day it doesn’t change much, but in the long run it can change significantly without much notice at all from those involved. I like that aspect about life, and one of the things I do often is reflect on how much has changed from the past and see where I can go from here.

But that’s enough about the anime adaptations for now. Before I started thinking about the above, I was thinking somewhat about Key’s new project Little Busters! Ecstasy, and the introduction of the new heroine Saya Tokido:

What first struck me was her appearance and how she looks very much like Misuzu Kamio in Air due to her long blonde hair, bluish eyes, and white ribbon in her hair, all of which share attributes with Misuzu. However, there was still something else about her that didn’t fit Misuzu’s character: Saya’s eyes, but I couldn’t figure out what character they reminded me of. In the meantime, I already found parallels with Saya’s story and Mai Kawasumi’s story from Kanon, since both reside at school at night and fight supernatural beings in order to protect something. Having Mai’s and Saya’s stories being written by Jun Maeda is no surprise when the similarities become apparent though. So I had to come back to the eyes. Considering her likeness to Misuzu, and her scenario to Mai, I considered the possibility of her eyes reflecting a character from another Key work. I first thought of Rin from Little Busters!, but they weren’t exactly alike; next I considered Sasami from the same game, but Sasami’s were more narrower, so they were out. Finally I considered Clannad and came upon the sudden realization that it was Kyou’s personality that was reflected in Saya’s eyes. That kind of sharp, piercing gaze and confident smile made the connection in my mind, so I wonder at this point whether she will share some of her personality with Kyou, since I also know she’s supposed to be somewhat ditsy too (something that would probably fit Misuzu’s character more).

But that’s all I have to say for now. Next time I’ll write about castles and angels; what a strange combination.

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