Darkdog – An Anime Journey

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Nahrallah_avThe following is a reproduction of an original article from Issue 2 of Fansub.TV’s J-Zine, please see issue 2 for the full article.

Four years ago a chance encounter began both Darkdog’s journey into anime and his long term affiliation with Fansub.TV. His feet were set upon this path when he asked for recommendations on Animesuki’s IRC channel. Invited by Daft to view his recently created site, Darkdog found a community that encouraged him to immerse himself in a wide range of anime and ultimately presented him with opportunities to utilise his diverse skills. This computer science student from Portugal became one of the few developers on the Fansub.TV Team. Initially, Darkdog’s interest in discovering more about anime was sparked by study:

“I had recently started studying Japanese and, since I was looking for a way to get a little more connected to Japan and the Japanese language, I decided to look for anime online.”

Anime was viewed as a means to expand his understanding of the Japanese language and culture. The Fansub.TV discussion boards helped Darkdog to further his knowledge of anime and encouraged him to explore new series that he might otherwise have overlooked. Ultimately, Darkdog believes that it is the community aspect of the site that is the “single most important thing” that keeps him coming back. As one of the first members of the Fansub.TV Team, Darkdog has seen a lot of changes and considers that:

“Other than the front page’s overall feel, it’s a completely different beast.”

There are a number of additions that he feels have significantly enhanced the site over the years. These include the download managers/schedulers, the screenshot engine and automatic notifications of new episodes. Although he is quick to downplay his contribution, over the years Darkdog’s collaboration with Daft has had a direct impact on the design of Fansub.TV by allowing for better integration between separate systems (website, forum and blogs).

Anime continues to be one of Darkdog’s interests; however, he has grown more discerning over the years. He still watches Bleach and Naruto which were two of the first anime series that he actively followed. The current criteria by which Darkdog chooses new anime series centres on the atmosphere that is created:

“Having a unique atmosphere (visual style, animation, audio) is a major reason for me to give an anime a try lately. It’s not the most important thing for an anime, but it’s what can make a series stand out from the crowd at first. If it stands out, I give it a try; if it doesn’t stand out, then I’m likely not to even watch its first episode (and I’ve surely missed some good series because of this).”

His favourite genres are:

“Science fiction (Dennou Coil, Noein, Ergo Proxy, Evangelion) and fighting/action series (Bleach, Naruto, FMA, FMP — especially the Second Raid –, Rouroni Kenshin).”

What appeals to Darkdog is:

 “A clever story with well thought twists.”

Recently, Darkdog started to branch out into manga. He had little interest in reading scanlations; however, his curiosity was piqued when he learned enough Japanese to be able to read the original publications. He plans to “pay more attention to manga in the future” though anime continues to appeal to him the most.

Anime is far from being Darkdog’s only interest. In fact, he classifies music as his “favourite thing”. During a trip to Japan last year, he was able to fulfil a long held dream when he joined a school club and started playing the drum kit. He has performed several times with a band. Unfortunately, he does not own his own drum kit so his performance since leaving Japan have been limited; however, an electric drumset is on his Christmas list. Darkdog’s other interests include the Japanese language, judo and graphical design.

Despite his diverse interests, Darkdog still finds time for anime; however, he admits that he has grown more discerning when it comes to choosing new anime series. Since that fateful day when he was invited to explore a new site, both anime and Fansub.TV have remained a constant in his life.

darkdog Profile:


Name: Translated to English, it’s something like “John Chick”
Age: 24, and not getting any younger…
Sex: Male
Location: Poutena, Portugal
Blood Type: A… – I think
Favorite Anime / Game:
noein / Chrono Trigger or the Legend of Zelda (either Ocarina of time or the Wind Waker)… Hard to pick one!
Favorite Sweets:
Nothing in particular…
Wages in ice cream: We get paid ice-cream?


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