3rd Issue – April 2009
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The J-zine team is proud to announce the release of our third issue! This issue is our longest yet and contains many firsts for J-Zine! Check out the joint review of One-Piece as well as the visual novel reviews and light novel reviews. It doesn’t end their though as we have released 4 versions for this issue! Each version sports a different background, we hope you enjoy all of them! Like a simple but effective layout? Try version 1. For a blue background try versions 2 or 3! And for the more adventurous ones… You might want a peek at version 4!

White Edition
Light Blue Edition
Blue Edition
Green Edition

As always the webzine team is very keen to hear feedback from the public! We strive to make this magazine even better! If you have time please rate this magazine in the following areas out of 10 (10 being perfect 1 being awful):

  • Level of interest
  • Quality of writing
  • Quality of pictures
  • Layout

Any other comments are more than welcome!

You can leave your feedback as a comment below or in the forum HERE!


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