Basquash! behind the scenes

September 15, 2009 | Comments Off on Basquash! behind the scenes

In a universe somewhere is a galaxy somewhere. Withing which is somewhere a planet called Earthdash. There, when you look up at the sky, you see a city on the surface of the moon called Mooneyes. Brighter than the sun over day and shining more beautifully than the stars at night, it is a symbol of hopes and dreams to people. They all dream of some day living on the moon.

It’s about Dan (dunkmask) who tries to get to the moon someday to heal his younger sister’s legs which got crushed by a bigfoot (huge robot) once, leaving her disabled in a wheelchair for life..
Bigfoot basketball(BFB) is very popular where he lives, and he does all within his might to sabotage anything related to bigfoots that are ruining the spirit of basketball, but most importantly ruined Coco’s future.
When his childhood friend Miyuki returns to the city and shows him his first experience using a real bigfoot, he’s determined to change Bigfoot basket for good.
Basketbal, huge robots and sneaker brand Nike. Somehow they seem unrelated but they are the magic formula for one of the most original animes. Behind the scenes is a small team of French guys too, who did the general visualisations and bigfoot robot 3D designs. Taking a good look at the anime, the bigfoot basketbal scenes were created to be very dynamic, the background surroundings of the cities are not alike other animes at all and the story and the character designs are fun and interesting. Even though robots and basketbal sounds so weird, the concept should not be underestimated. This anime is interesting, funny, random, but above all, very original. Definitely take a look!
A video in Japanese (no subs 🙁 ) for the interested HERE


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