Issue 6 Cover

The J-zine team is proud to announce the release of our sixth issue!

This time we bring you a ef Special featuring a review, character bios and of course your regular favorites including the Anime previews, Moe Corner, and special articles on culture. We have review of the Abingdon Boys School concert in Bochum, Germany, and labk1ta brings us yet another great cooking recipe to try. We also have our list of upcoming DVD releases for region 1.

As always the webzine team is very keen to hear feedback from the public! We strive to make this magazine even better! If you have time please rate this magazine in the following areas out of 10 (10 being perfect 1 being awful):

* Level of interest
* Quality of writing
* Quality of pictures
* Layout

Any other comments are more than welcome!

Download Issue 6 here

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