Issue 2 – January 2009

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darkdog – An anime journey By Nahrallah
Code Geass vs. Macross Frontier By Kit Tsukasa
Macross OST review By Kit Tsukasa
Saimoe contest By Kit Tsukasa
Anime Reviews

Vampire KnightBy Monsta666
Zero no Tsukaima – Princess no RondoBy Monsta666

Anime Previews

Kurokami, Slayers Evolution-R By Kit Tsukasa
The Tower of Druaga -the SWORD of UrukBy Kit Tsukasa
White AlbumBy Kit Tsukasa

Anime Classics

Elfen LiedBy Vicepuma
Hanaukyō Meido TaiBy Maiku_Ando
Shuffle!By Kid-Wolf

Japanese Culture
Asian Tour 
By Maiku_Ando
Japanese Language By Darkdog
Best Christmas bands By Noshi
Okawari!By Labk1ta


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