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1 – Question 1: What is webzine?
Answer 1:
A webzine is a magazine that is purely based online. It can differ from the traditional magazine as it can also include streamed videos. Fansub.TV has its own webzine called FTV J-Zine.

2 – Question 2: How often is J-Zine released?
Answer 2:
J-Zine is released on a quarterly basis with each issue being released on the first day of the month. The release date are as follows:
January (Q1), April (Q2), July (Q3) and October (Q4).

3 – Question 3: When is the deadline?
Answer 3:
The final deadline is always the 1st of the month i.e. 1st January, 1st April etc. There are 2 other deadlines though – one when the drafts should be completed and another when the articles should be proofread.
Drafts – 1st of the month before release.
Proofread – Is exactly 2 weeks after the draft deadline usually on the 15th.
Final – 1st day of the release month.

4 – Question 4: I’m busy and can’t make the deadline!
Answer 4:
Don’t worry just say something in the discussion threads and we can arrange things to fit your schedule. The sooner you tell us, the better! That way we can make more arrangements.

5 – Question 5: What thread should I use?
Answer 5:
Every issue of J-Zine uses 3 threads. They are:
J-zine Issue no. discussion – If you want to discuss anything regarding J-zine please post here. This includes any discussions about pictures or deadlines.
J-zine Issue no. – If you want to submit any work for J-zine it should go here. Editor’s notes are allowed here.
J-zine Issue no. picture – If you wish to post pictures for J-zine please post them here.

6 – Question 6: Where do I post my work?
Answer 6:
Post your work in the FTV J-zine Issue threads.

7 – Question 7: How long does my review need to be?
Answer 7:
Depends how many pages you want your review to cover. If you want to do a 1 page review it should be 400-600 words long. If you wish to make it 2 pages long it should be 900-1100 words long. Just add an extra 500 words for each extra page. This can apply to any article in general.

8 – Question 8: I’ve finished my draft but I don’t know how to make attachments!
Answer 8:
All sempais/moderators can make attachments. When making your post there is an option at the bottom:
user posted image

By clicking the browse button you can upload files from your computer into the FTV servers. Please be aware that only certain file extensions are accepted and the file can be no larger than 4.88mb. For the case of webzine this shouldn’t be a problem!

9 – Question 9: I’ve chosen a topic but I’m stuck! What do I do?
Answer 9:
Make a post in the discussion thread for that issue or contact one of the team leaders by PM.

10 – Question 10: I want to Print out an issue/Can I buy a Professionaly Printed copy?
Answer 10:
The Lead Design Editor has high resolution editions of every issue, if you want a copy for printing at home this can be provided but the file size will be very large ~50MB. Professional printing is expensive and requires a large number of copies per print run (around 1,000 copies) therefore we currently do not print J-Zine. If you wish to order a print version, this can be arranged providing you can gurantee a purchaise of 500 copies, this is intended for re-distribution or re-sale use. Please contact the lead design editor Maiku_Ando by PM for print editions or printing help.

FAQ by monsta666 with special thanks to Kit-Tsukasa and Noshi who gave helpful pointers in making this guide.
Latest revision: September 4th by Maiku_Ando.