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As a quick update regarding this blog (in nearly 3 years!), all download links formerly on this blog will NOT be reuploaded. Do not request for them. They were originally on Megaupload and as a result of the shutdown, I don’t see a reason to be providing links for anything. As for other things, obviously a lot of things here are outdated. Once I get a little more time on my hands, I may actually fix things up a little and make the blog a bit more updated.

On to the more important aspect of this post….

So as many people who visit the forums are aware of. I tend to give general reviews at the end of a season. Seeing that many people don’t visit the forums, I will likely start posting them on this blog with a more detailed rubric than what I usually use as well as linking reviews to the main page of the site. Obviously this means to expect frequent updates as seasons come to an end and not so much during the middle of the season. Occasionally I may do a few in the middle depending on time and interest level I have in the series.

To give a little introduction of how I do reviews, it is done in 4 main parts: Story and Character, Art and Animation, Sound and Music, Enjoyment, each of which are out of 10 points. The average of these scores make up the overall score for the show. Furthermore, external comparisons are usually only done in either the Art and Animation section or the Enjoyment section, of which even then I tend to limit to recent titles for “fair” comparison. E.g., it’s not really fair to compare a 1980s title with that of 2000 or vice versa. There are limitations in both ages and while some may argue that 2000 quality should always be better than its predecessors, etc… it really depends on the type of show. Yes, this is subjective, but I’ve yet to find a better way to do this. Otherwise, you may as well argue that all 90s titles are better than 2000s titles, which is definitely not true. Similarly, it’s not really fair to compare a SHAFT show with say a J.C. Staff show in this age. They’re on different levels and both have different standards with different budgets for the shows they produce.

I should also note that my review methods tend to change over time as I constantly seek for the “best” review method. Anyways, I spoke about a new breakdown in my scoring, so here it is:

*Note: (#) means amount of points in overall contribution. Everything after the colon represents description of the category.

Story and Character:

  • Premise (1): Interesting setting or setup?
  • Character Personalities (1): Are the main characters interesting or boring?
  • Character Development (2): Does the story dive into the important characters’ pasts? If so, how much is relevant to the story?
  • Character Usefulness/Presence (2): Are the characters memorable? Is most of the cast useful or just “filler”?
  • Pacing: (1): Does the story feel rushed?
  • Reasonable/Plausible (2): Does the story make sense? Are there major plot holes that could affect a significant aspect of the story? Is there proper plot continuity (if applicable)?
  • Conclusion (1): Was the finale any good?

Art and Animation:

  • Backgrounds (2): Are the backgrounds animated/drawn reasonably?
  • Character Designs (2): Quality of the character designs (e.g. are they stick figures?) and how detailed?
  • Fluidity (2): Are general movements of the characters or objects logical to some extent? (obviously with exceptions).
  • Visuals/Special Effects/Flashiness (2): Are the visuals good on the eyes (special effects where applicable)? Is the show overly “flashy”?
  • Animation “Expectation” (2): How does the show compare to its past works? If no past works available, how does it compare to shows in the current season(s) or year(s) it airs in?

Sound and Music:

  • OP/ED/Insert Themes (3): How are the OP/ED/Insert themes? If no insert themes, OP/ED are weighted equally. If more than one OP/ED, segregate based on OP or ED and then weight equally.
  • Background Music (2): How is the background music? Are they memorable?
  • Sound Effects (2): How are the sound effects? Are they “pleasing” or painful on the ears?
  • Seiyuu (3): What is the seiyuu quality for this show’s main lineup? Is the voice acting overly dramatic, lifeless, just right, or perfect? Past seiyuu work may or may not affect this category.


  • Amusement (2): Are each individual episodes amusing and/or entertaining to watch?
  • Weekly/Next Episode Anticipation (2): Are subsequent episodes constantly looked forward to?
  • Presentation: (2): Are the episodes standalone and can be jumped into by anyone or does it require a viewer to sit through an undesirable mess before it gets “good”?
  • Re-watchable (1): Is the show re-watchable or not? Obviously mystery shows and the like result in “cat out of the bag” issues, hence the lower weight here…
  • Recommendation (2): Would you recommend this show to the general public? To a specific genre fan?
  • Value (1): Is this show a noteworthy gem? Is the show underrated and deserves more attention?

Hope all of you will enjoy following this new format….assuming I keep up with it….

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