Final Review: Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan-

What happened to her and this beautiful art?

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Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan- is based off the Shining Tears PSP game released in 2010. It is the second Shining anime with the first being Shining Tears x Wind, which has little relation to the Shining Tears and Shining Wind games. Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan- premiered during the Spring 2012 anime season. The series did not receive a simulcast nor a  US license.

So let’s start with the story…is what I would like to say but as far as I’m concerned, there is no story in this show. While I haven’t played the game for this series, Sega’s Shining franchise in general has never been something I was fond of. The story is almost always a flop for this franchise with a large amount of nonsense thrown together. Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan- is no exception with the show effectively being a fantasy slice of life title all the way until the final few episodes when mysterious “aliens from another world” attack and are easily defeated by our amnesic protagonist. Characters are bland, uninteresting, and forgettable, especially for a setting where royalty supposedly oppresses everyone (i.e. they own the land). Bread also supposedly solves everyone’s problems. tl;dr the show involves an amnesic hero from another world who bakes bread until he has to fight again or finds a way to return.

Now, you may be wondering at this point why do I keep putting up with this crap franchise then. In simple terms, the character designs. Tony Taka has always done the work for the Shining franchise and effectively what makes the series at least look reasonably pretty.  The rest of the art, unfortunately, is pretty average. Animation is also nothing to really praise either, especially when coming from I.G. Production, which is the same studio working on Kuroko no Basuke the same season.

OP has a nice tune to it but ultimately forgettable. ED is cute but also easily forgettable. Background music and sound effects are subpar but not terrible. Seiyuu cast is generally average with Kazuya Nakai, Mai Aizawa, and Kanae Itou  really propping up the rest of the cast.

Enjoyment? None to the very bare bones of this series. I really have nothing to say here.

Overall, Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan- will be a forgotten show not too long from now and it really shouldn’t be missed. It’s a very poor title with series such as Tears to Tiara, Shukufuku no Campanella, and Ar Tonelico OVA looking like masterpieces when compared to this.


Story and Character:

  • Premise (0/1): Uninteresting, especially when compared to the other Shining franchise titles.
  • Character Personalities (0/1): Boring
  • Character Development (0/2): Accept everything that happens is how this show works.
  • Character Usefulness/Presence (0/2): Relatively large cast with a number of one-off characters.
  • Pacing: (0/1): Slow with a clearly rushed ending fight. No proper development who the heck the “enemy” is.
  • Reasonable/Plausible (0/2): None
  • Conclusion (0/1): None
  • Total: 0/10

Art and Animation:

  • Backgrounds (1/2): Average
  • Character Designs (1.5/2): Tony Taka’s art work remains decent but looks like it was poorly carried over into the anime.
  • Fluidity (0.5/2): Below average.
  • Visuals/Special Effects/Flashiness (1/2): Colorful but nothing special.
  • Art and Animation “Expectation” (0/2): I.G. can do much better than this.
  • Total: 4/10

Sound and Music:

  • OP/ED/Insert Themes (1/3): OP has nice tune. ED is cute. Both are forgettable.
  • Background Music (0.5/2): Sub par.
  • Sound Effects (0.5/2): Sub par.
  • Seiyuu (1.5/3): Average with Kazuya Nakai, Mai Aizawa, and Kanae Itou  standing out the most.
  • Total: 3.5/10


  • Amusement (0/2): none
  • Weekly/Next Episode Anticipation (0/2): Nope
  • Presentation (0/2): It’s a mess with lack of attention grabbing scenes.
  • Re-watchable (0/1): Absolutely not.
  • Recommendation (0/2): Tears to Tiara, Shukufuku no Campanella, and Ar Tonelico OVA look like gems compared to this. You could even throw in Dog Days and Inukami! if you like.
  • Value (0/1): Underrated with no value as it should be
  • Total: 0/10

Preliminary Score: 4/10

Final Score: 2/10

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