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Winter 2013 Reviews Cancelled

Due to real life issues, I have fallen very behind on both Winter 2013 and Spring 2013 season series. As a result, titles ending in Winter 2013 will no longer be reviewed except for short posts on the forums and any relevant sequels of series I have reviewd in the past. If you would like to see a review for a series that I have not blogged, PM me and I will consider it. Aside from the above exceptions I will not write reviews for series on the blog until the end of Spring 2013 at the earliest. That too will also depend on how much of Spring I can catch up with prior to the main summer lineup starting at the end of the month.

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Disclaimer on Reviews

Rather than having this be on every review, I was dumb enough not to just sticky it, so here it is.


DISCLAIMER: Anime reviews on this blog will attempt minimal to no spoilers unless other noted. If a review seems dull or shallow, it’s because I’m trying to make sure not to go into too detail for those who are actually interested in the show before or after reading the review or those who have yet to finish the title. If you want further details, there are usually tons of reviews that can be found elsewhere on the internet. Furthermore, anime reviews in general are the sole opinion of the author writing it and thus differ across the users. There is no such thing as a “right answer” only a majority agreement. You are free to have your own opinions and thereby free to state and/or argue/debate in the comments section below or on the Fansub TV Forums. The review is not necessarily meant to serve as a recommendation but rather a personal opinion of having completed the series.

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Anime Reviews and Updates

As a quick update regarding this blog (in nearly 3 years!), all download links formerly on this blog will NOT be reuploaded. Do not request for them. They were originally on Megaupload and as a result of the shutdown, I don’t see a reason to be providing links for anything. As for other things, obviously a lot of things here are outdated. Once I get a little more time on my hands, I may actually fix things up a little and make the blog a bit more updated.

On to the more important aspect of this post….

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