Anime Video Library On-Line

I have put up a new Anime Video Library which offers http downloads as well as streaming over http for some of the unlicensed Anime not currently on http download at FTV. Titles including Blue Drop, Bartender, Asatte no Houkou as well as a copy of To Love Ru, Kamen no Maid Guy, Vampire Knight and YUA Full Throttle which maybe useful for visitors in Europe.

It is still in testing and very new with only a limited amount of space at the moment, however if it is popular then I will expand it to a bigger drive. The main intention is to focus on the Anime which is not available for http download from FTV, there are and will sometimes be episodes which are available on both sites however this is mainly for testing or because its a particular favourite Anime, as theres little point in hosting it all twice!

Any problems with the videos or downloads on there should be reported to me via this blog, and NOT directed at the FTV forum! – its not FTV’s fault if my site/server goes wrong.

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