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Hanaukyō Meido Tai – 花右京メイド隊

Hanaukyo Meido Tai

Today I’d like to bring special attention to this particular Anime (which is based on the Manga by the same title) as it one of my favourites. This is without a doubt quite an ecchi series in places, however the overall story and the warmth of characters certainly out do the ecchiness and make this lovely and very funny series. Originally 18 episodes (including the specials), however it ran into production issues and stopped at episode 15. Observant watchers will notice the ending of episode 15 which gives a comical hint as to the cause of those production issues, and makes it clear that episodes 16,17 and 18 are forever lost.

It was later re-done as Hanaukyō Meido Tai – La Verite (La Verite meaning “The Truth” in French), which is actually 12 episodes. This apparently more closely follows the manga and the story has many differences from the original anime. The La Verite anime was released by Geneon (Pioneer) in the US with subtitles and an English dub. However, due to the recent demise of Geneon, it has became almost impossible to purchase the retail DVD box set of the La Verite version. The original remains unlicensed in the US and UK.

All 15 Episodes of the original anime now available to stream or download in the Video Library.

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