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Blue Drop (Anime)

Blue Drop

Blue Drop is another one of my favourites, and one which I only recently discovered. The Anime is set as a prequel to the Manga, and focuses around the build up of a interstellar war, the manga is set much later and is set after the war. The story is told from the point of view of a high school girl who was the sole survivor of a terrible disaster in which an entire island was destroyed. A disaster which also claimed both her parent’s lives.

The exact details of what happened of that day are a mystery not just to her but to the authorities on both sides as well. When the main character transfers to a new private school, her life rapidly changes and her first reluctant friend becomes the key not just to her new life but her past as well. Although this is a Yuri series with only a very limited male cast, this helps with the warmth of the show and the pairing is very natural and unforced, leaving you wanting them to make it work.

The characters in this series are very warm and likeable, and Hagino has become one of my favourite anime characters, this is also quite a funny series with some good gags, but the main tone is the emotional attachment between the characters, you can really feel the emotion and the energy, and the parallel with the school play and their lives is a nice angle. The ending is quite heart wrenching, but its all for the right reasons, and makes for a good solid ending to the series, which is actually a shame because I for one was left wishing it would go on forever.

This is now licensed and available on DVD by Sentai Filmworks.