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MATV Video Library – Bandwidth Exceeded

It would appear the latest updates to my little video library proved quite popular today as it received the highest bandwidth usage to date, which resulted in the site being automatically suspended by the hosting provider.

Today’s bandwidth was a massive 230GB, unfortunately I cant tell you which Anime generated this much interest as the stats don’t go that detailed, which is a huge shame.

For anyone visiting the site and getting a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” Message please come back tomorrow, as the bandwidth limit is reset each day.

** UPDATE Thursday 25th September **

As the bandwidth has now hit 159GB in the first few hours following the restoration of the site, I have now had to manually suspend the site as a temporary measure. If you are being redirected here, it is because the bandwidth has been used up already, and at least here I can give you a status update.

** UPDATE #2 Thursday 25th September **

Despite moving the main script and enableing hotlink protection, bandwidth still rose and was eventually halted at 201GB with the site again suspended, a mear 10 hours after it was reinstated.

I have now moved the “New Releases” – into a separate section, which is still on the same account but will allow better monitoring and will make it easier to reduce the load if needed by disabling a section.

If you like my video library and want it to remain accessable, please support it by clicking on the Adverts – Please consider 1 click for every file you download or play directly from the site – I cant put the library on a better server without some way of paying for it :(

** UPDATE Friday 26th September **

Moving the site around and splitting it up didn’t do much to ease the bw problem, although the site stayed up a lot longer, some 18 hours this time, it was not enough. Today I have spent a lot of time setting up a better solution, which will load balance the traffic between several places and it should double the available bandwidth.  There are a few minor issues with the site in its current state, the html and text are not in sync between all the servers at the moment, however the Anime is in sync for the most part, however some of the sym-links are missing which might cause some files to randomly disappear. This will be sorted during the day tomorrow.



Another Anime from 2006, this one however is a much more mature series and really appeals to the older audience, this series is also quite short at 11 episodes. Think of the perfect bar, the romantic ideal of the place to drink spirits and cocktails, where every patron is treated like a master and is served The Glass Of The Gods, that is Eden Hall. The story evolves around the happenings of this genius bartender and Eden Hall, a small unobtrusive bar in Ginza. This tells a romantic story of every drink that is poured, as well the tales of the weary patrons who consume them. The history of the drinks, the tale used to bring them into light and the clever nature of the series and the bartender make this a great watch. As it progresses you also get a glimpse into the history of the bar and the genius bartender and his one great mistake. The detail in the method and ingredients of making the drinks, which is also given at the end should you wish to make one, just adds to seriousness of this anime and makes it quite relaxing. By the end you’ll be longing to go out and find a quite sleepy little bar somewhere.

All 11 episodes are available to download in the Video Library here.


Asatte no Houkou

Asatte no Houkou

This Anime is from 2006 but something I have only recently watched. I quite enjoyed this series, its only 12 episodes but still a nice story which flows quite well – its not obviously squashed in too much. The story is about a woman and a girl who happen to meet at a road side shrine which is rumored to grant wishes. Unknown to them at the time, is that they are linked by one man who is very important to both of their lives. They both sit at the shrine and you see them make a wish, however we can only see what the girls wish is – to be older so that shes not a burden to her brother anymore.

The next is a bit predictable, the wish is magically granted, the young girl is suddenly transformed into a young woman, however theres an inevitable side effect, the woman is now a little girl. This is where the storey really begins, and now we see the comical events of both of their lives in their almost reversed states. Some parts of this are sad, some are really comical and the supporting characters really add to the story. The relationship between the 3 of them suddenly becomes quite interesting and watching them trying to cover up their identities (at first) and yet still want to be near the ones they care about just adds to the comedy and makes it even more complicated. This is a great anime, although the idea is nothing new, the way its told and how it unfolds to the end makes it an enjoyable and worthy addition to your anime collection.

This series is now licensed


Miyazaki – “Animation Needs The Pencil”

Hayao Miyazaki-san said at a press conference on Sunday that he intends to keep his work hand drawn for as long as he can, and that he believes that CGI and computer animation can sometimes be used too much.

“I think animation is something that needs the pencil, needs man’s drawing hand, and that is why I decided to do this work in this way,”

“Currently computer graphics are of course used a great deal and, as I’ve said before, this use can at times be excessive,”

“I will continue to use my pencil as long as I can.”

This was while speaking about his latest work, “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” during the press conference at the Venice Film festival on Sunday.

You can read the full article on the link below, but for one I am glad he intends to keep to the hand drawn style, for me, the original hand drawn animation gives a much better feel and really shows the hard work and talent which has gone into each character and feature, with CG, characters can appear much colder, and just don’t have the same appeal as the original art work can. Thats not to say CG doesn’t have its benefits, but I believe theres just no substitute for the time and effort put into hand drawn animation.

Quote and story from the News article on Yahoo at

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