MATV Subs – Wait, What? – Moekan OP & The [email protected]

For ages I’ve had this love for the opening theme video for the Moekan visual novel on PC. I loved the song in it and really wanted to see it subbed. A really long time ago I badgered JinK and Moshi from FTV subs to TL the OP for me. I then tried my hand at doing Karaoke, and so with a helping hand from langes01x who fixed a few mistakes and helped me with a few other bits we had an OP. I had intended to release it on the site back then, but for some reason never did and it got forgotten. So with a big thanks to everyone at FTV subs, I present Moekan!

moekan op
DDL and more screen caps here

Will I do more subs? Maybe. I have been making some [email protected] videos and when I get a decent-ish desktop again I plan on taking some HD captures and maybe adding some subs if I get time. I’m also working with Project [email protected] on some other [email protected] stuff in preparation for the [email protected] Anime which we are planning on subbing!

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