MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 1 Release


Well we finally did it. MATV Subs & EveTaku Fansubs present the first episode of The [email protected]!

This was a very difficult release for us, we had lost 3 TLs before the first ep even aired, we got a TL at the last minute (20 hours before air)
and EveTaku had to handle a lot of work to get this finished.
A big thanks to everyone at EveTaku, and of course everyone who worked on this from MATV Subs.

We would like to continue to sub this show, but we need another TL and a TLC, and an editor by next week :/

[EveTaku-MATV] THE [email protected] – 01 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [0D44E18E].mkv


Ok, so there are a few mistakes in this episode, and I’m really not happy with the quality of it. This was a joint project, and well lets just say it really didnt work out for either group. This was rushed out, and no one even got a chance to QC the final before release. Therefore, we’re currently busy working on a V2. We hope to have this out soon.

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