MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 3


We’re a little late on this one, most of the group had some RL stuff that got in the way, so we’re sorry this is so late.
I also managed to mess up the original torrent by using the wrong file, so it had to be re made.

[MATV-Subs] THE [email protected] – 03 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [1D468AB2].mkv


Translator: k0sm0s & KarbyP
TL Check: KarbyP & k0sm0s
Typeset/Kara: Eri-tan
Timing/Kara: Ritsuko-Akizuki, Maiku_Ando
QC: Maiku_Ando, Eri-tan, K0sm0s

Episode 4 is in progress and *should* be out soon as well.

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