MATV Subs: The [email protected] Update & Delays

We are still running behind on episodes 4 and 5, and now that 6 has aired that is also in the queue as well. Episodes 4 and 5 are translated, TLC is done for 5 and TLC for 4 is in progress. Rough timing and TS we hope to make progress on today.

At present we don’t know when they will be ready, but we are trying to avoid a tripple release, so the intention is to release 4 & 5 together within the next couple of days, and 6 should follow a couple days before ep 7 airs. We should then be back to our normal release time. Atleast thats the plan. :/

We are also considering doing a V2 for episode 3 if we ever get time. Ep3 was rushed, and we’ve had a fair amount of critacism regarding it, no one likes to see a negative review of their work and we certainly don’t like to release something thats bad, we admit it was rushed and in the end we decided we just couldn’t delay it any longer. We’re still behind now, it would be worse if we had spent longer on EP3. In our defense, I don’t think our release was as bad as that review implies, although it was actually only translated by our usual TLC, and we didnt have anyone else to do the TLC or edit, therefore an attempt to edit was done during the QC, but I’m not a skillful editor and did the best I could while trying to keep it accurate.

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