MATV Subs: The [email protected] Stalled


So its almost a week since the last post and still no release, and actually very little progress has been made since. Out of the 3 translators, one is on holiday, one is playing arcade games and is getting bored of doing IMAS subbing, and the other is self confessed ‘lazy and unreliable’. My typesetter has gone awol and no one has seen her for a week, my timer is around to idle in the channel but is too busy dataing to work on anything. I’m at work most of the time and have little time to do much, and was ill. As a result, nothing much of anything has happened. Episode 7 airs today and we have EP3 V2, Ep4, Ep5 and Ep6 in the queue, therefore unfortunatly, the project has now stalled.

I honestly don’t know if the group will continue or if the project will resume, but I suspect new team members will be required to keeping it going.
Feel free to drop by #matv on and give ‘words of encouragement’ to the staff, or to join the team if you have some skills, all positions are open.

We would suggest ‘Chibiki’ subs (UTW & co.) which are better than ours anyway, if your tired of waiting on us.

P.S – Random Yukiho picture comes from Episode 2, just becuase I wanted to use it :P

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