MCM Expo London May 2012

This was originally written on the day of the event, and extends the post on the forum here.

It had been a long and tiring day, it was way too hot, too crowded, the trains were totally full and their air conditioning was broken, it was a hell of a trip… but once I got their it was good and I did end up with some nice stuff…

In total, £160 on everything in the above pictures, I also spent another £5 on three issues of MYM magazine as they had a special offer on, I have issue 1 now and the other two come in the post later.

Notice the two Evangelion ‘maid’ figures, these are almost certainly fakes – I spent around an hour going to all the stands looking at these, and they were all of horrific quality, damaged boxes, stains and marks – big ones – on the figure, damaged and missing paint, really bad. I managed to find these too which seemed to be the best, I’m hoping the defects wont show from a normal distance and most of the paint issues were on the back. Its mainly Rei that seemed to have the issues, the other was fairly ok.

The only box out of all of them with any kind of ‘official’ sticker is the Saki maid – pink box, top right of first and third image, therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if more of them are fakes as well – they were very cheap, and there weren’t any better versions available at the expo. I wouldn’t normally get a fake (or a suspected one) but these were so nice I got them regardless – and only paid minimal amounts for them.

The large Rin Tohsaka figure – biggest by far – was interesting, one stall had the last one left of their stock, no box as it was a ‘display’ one, and she was leaning badly onto the next box, when he showed it to me, it fell over no less than four times, it would not stand up for long at all. It also looked very poor quality, and had damage to her legs. He said normally £65, due to no box £59. I decided to hold off, and keep looking, 2 stalls further down, I found the one you see in the picture, boxed and taped, looks fine condition, and only £38. £38 for a potential fake (its a bit too cheap) of my favourite character in such a big size that still looks great? Sure why not. Normally anything Type Moon has an official hologram logo sticker on it, and usually a second from the manufacturer, in this case Good Smile Company if its genuine, this has neither.  I could get these off eBay, but then you can’t see what the exact one your getting is like, this way I can at least see it for myself and decide.

After unpacking them all and getting a better look at them, the two Evangelion ones are definitely fakes,  the big Rin figure is most likely fake as well, but its a hell of a good one, the extra swords fit into the base, she has extra hands and a dagger to hold and the build quality is quite good. Paint is a bit glossy, and there are a couple places it doesn’t quite match, but you have to look close to see it. An original is around the £200 mark, and that’s without shipping or import duty.

I think all the others are actually real, the quality is perfect, material and paint colour and detail etc. The Luka Vocaloid figure was a Sega ‘game prize’ one and was offered at £34, I got it a bit less as I bought 2 others at same time and the seller rounded it down by about £4. It looks really good. Reviews of all these figures will come in a later post, once I clear the backlog of reviews that is :).

This trip to the Expo was a bit rushed, I had less time as I had to pack for a trip away for work, and I didn’t take any pictures this time, take a look at the previous years expo post for some pictures of the event in general.

As issue 2 of the MYM magazine arrived while I was editing this post, here’s a picture of issues 1 and 2 together.

[P.S. Anyone who caught my post really early and are now wondering where the post about Yukiho & Saber went, I swapped the posts out as this was more time based, the other will be back in a couple of days]

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