Yukiho Hagiwara & Saber Figures

I’ve always been a big fan of Yukiho from the the [email protected] games, and after they changed the VA for all of the Second Vision series of games and the anime it just wasn’t the same, one of the main points to games are their voices, as the whole thing is about idols and you being their producer. That’s why when I found this little figure of the original style Yukiho on eBay, i had to get it. Also in the picture is Saber from Fate / Stay Night and Fate / Zero, this little figure came with an issue of Denki G’s magazine.

The Saber figure was part of the magazine’s feature on Fate / Zero, the figure was in a small flat box and required a small amount of assembly only. The Yukiho figure was in a box like the To Love Ru figures in my previous post, and only required fitting to the base. Both are only around 10-12cm tall, Saber being the taller and slightly bigger but on a smaller base. Yukiho was $49 from eBay, a little steep for a figure this size, but its quite old, a little rare now and it was one I really wanted. I also really want the Haruka red version to go with it ( see my wish list ) but that was too much. Build quality is very good, and the detail is very nice as well.

I have a reasonable collection of [email protected] things, including all the Xbox 360 games, the limited special edition of IMAS 2 on Xbox and PS3 with the first Blu-ray of the anime, a film strip and a telephone card as well as the PSP Wandering Star game, all of which I’ll maybe put on the blog at a later date. I’m also starting to become quite the Type Moon fan as well, and I recently got a limited edition of the Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Blu-ray complete with art book, sketches and film strip. It dosn’t have subs of course, but I wanted it anyway for the limited edition goodies. The US release is on Blu-ray this month, which I’m intending on getting as well.

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