TV Show Project

I’ve decided to start an Anime TV Show project, those of you who may have seen my ‘Maiku Ando TV News’ shows on youtube and on MATV will know this originally started out as a fun way to give the site news rather than make a forum post. Well, now I thought – Why not make it an Anime show? Something like CrunchyRoll’s Live Show, but not live, without people and make it animated and about anime. The new anime show will be different to the MATV News a little, and we would like to know what you might want to see in it. I say we, because I’m also recruiting if anyone is interested in having something added or being involved – note that I don’t know how many people I’ll be able to bring into this, or in what way, so if your interested, do let me know asap.

To give you some more info, and an idea of what its like, heres Episode 3 of the MATV News…


For anyone wanting to know what happened with this, the idea fell apart when Xtranormal decided to shutdown, without any other way to make the videos the idea was abandoned.

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