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Blog Updates

It has been 2 and a bit years since anything was done on here, mainly due to the technical problems we’ve been having at Fansub.TV which left the blogs disconnected from the forum. But now they are working again (after months of work behind the scenes by myself and Daft) I’m feeling the need to bring it back to life. First task was to do something about the spam, this blog was easy thankfully, but the JZine blog is going to take some time (717,797 comments still to go!) but I have Akismet on the case and its slowly chugging through them. Next is to do some general tidying up and update the pages. The Rin Tohsaka Figure Collection page is laughable compared to what I actually have now, that’s going to need a lot of pictures to update that, and the wish list.

It is quite funny to return to something that has been sort of ‘trapped in time’ and note how things were back then, like how small my Rin collection was, and then seeing my post about the White Raven and how I’m mad to buy it, yet as I sit here, I am accompanied by no less than 15 equally sized dolls (it’s all your fault Lilia / White Raven III ! you started me off on this expensive journey). One good thing is that I can simply cut/paste almost the entire Rin part of the wish list into the Rin Figure collection, as I have managed to get so many of them.