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Azone 48cm Lilia / Black Raven Zero -The Original Trigger- Complete Doll

Pre-orders started Dec 6th of this lovely 48cm doll by Azone, still available but will sell out fast.


The newest release in the Black Raven series is Lilia from her younger days, the original Trigger. The zero to indicate her being the first or before all the others in the series.


Complete Doll
Body: Obitsu 48cm (Whitey, M Bust)
Hair Color: Platinum Gold
Eye Color: Mauve Purple

[Set Contents]
-Main doll “Lilia”
-One-piece dress
-Belt with holster
-Knee high socks
-Lace-up boots
-Revolver (ABS resin)
-Bullet (ABS made) x 6
-Hand part (holding hands)
-Magnet stand (disk shaped)

Price (RRP) 48,600 JPY

Available from:
AmiAmi: 20%OFF  38,780 JPY
Hobby Search: 42,750JPY (about $381.36 USD)

My Pre-order is in, will you be taking her home too?