Welcome to my blog @ FTV!

Me @ Fansub.TV and why:
I started visting FTV in 2008, and joined in July of that year when they were looking for people to join the webzine project. I didn’t really expect to even get a response as I’d just joined, but it looked really interesting and so I made my first post asking if I could help out with it. And to my amazement, they decided to give me a chance and soon after I became a member of the webzine team, and became the first ‘-chi’ Sempai with only a handful of posts. From there I slowly got more involved and not only did editing, but also page design and even writing my own articles. It was my contribution to the webzine which got me entered into the 5th FTV Awards in 2009, and to my total amazemnt, I won the title of ‘Best Newcomer‘. FTV was the first time I’d ever really found a forum or community on-line that was genuinely friendly, and it had a wonderful atmosphere that I still havnt found elsewhere. Its for that reason that I love FTV, and why I’m always here more than anywhere else. I run several of my own sites, including my own anime site, but I keep my Anime blog here, because this is my ‘Anime Home’, and this is where my anime belongs.

Me, Anime and MATV:
I’m a huge anime fan ofcourse, but I also like manga and visual novels, I also collect anime related goods including art books and figures, some of which I’ll post about on here. I’m also a tech, and like writing code for websites or other things, its for this reason that I started my own video site, it started off as a web interface on my local file server while at Uni, and then just expanded into a site. The site wasnt called MATV originally, the MATV name came from my nickname here on FTV, along with the idea of the .TV domain.

About the blog
Here I will be putting some random Anime and other (hopefully) interesting things as I happen to find them such as figures or art books etc.

I have a separate blog about travel and photography which also has sections on Maid Cafes, Japan and of course Akihabara, and as thats basically where the idea for making this Anime blog came from, I have included an RSS feed of the Anime Category here as it maybe of interest as well.

I am also looking after the J-Zine blog as well and all new webzine related things will now appear on there.

Anyone is welcome to comment and any suggestions/ideas etc are welcome too!

Hope you enjoy your visit,

Maiku Ando.

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