Anime Favorites

Here I’m going to give a simple list of some of my favorites, you can read what I wrote about them on the main page using the post link, and for Anime the video link will take you to the relevant section on the video library where you can download or watch it. The order of each list is random, they are not placed high or lower to indicate any preference, I either love it or I don’t, there was no need to say whats the best. I also will not list something unless I have finished it, as the ending can make a big difference.


Fate Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) [GalleryAnime]
Blue Drop – [Post, Video]
Hanaukyo Meido Tai – [Post, Video]
Myself; Yourself
You’re Under Arrest – [Video]

Anime Characters

Rin Tohsaka (Fate Stay/Night)
Miyuki Kobayakawa (You’re Under Arrest)
Mariel (Hanaukyo Meido Tai)
Hagino SenkĊji (Blue Drop)
Madlax (Madlax)
Elenore Baker (Madlax)

More later !

For the complete list of every Anime I’ve seen have a look at My Anime List.