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New Pre-Orders & Planned Expo Visit

MCM London Expo: 22 – 24 May 2015.

Details and tickets:
Firstly the Expo, I will be attending the MCM London Expo, if anyone would like to arrange a meet or something please send me a PM via FTV.

New Pre Orders!

AKA where has all my money gone xD (or will go!)

Its been a while since I did an update, so I thought I’d share what I have on pre order, some of these I placed a long time ago, some just recently.

figma – Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: Rin Tohsaka 2.0(Pre-order)


Price: 4,460 JPY / $37
Made by: MAX Factory
Released (exp): late Sep-2015
Get yours at:
A new Rin figma? Took less than 10 seconds for me to secure that xD

Fate/stay night [UBW] – Messenger Bag: Rin Tohsaka


Price: 4,536 JPY / $37
Made by: COSPA
Released: mid May 2015
I already have two anime bags… but its Rin…can’t resist xD

Real Action Heroes No.698 RAH Sword Art Online II – Sinon


Price: 22,940 JPY / $191
Made by: Medicom Toy
Released: late Aug 2015
The RAH figures are just amazing, and Sinon with her Hecate II gun which is moveable and having real clothes, I had to get it.

Fate/stay night [UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS] Master Figure -Rin Tohsaka- (Game-prize)

No picture, yet.

Price: 1,460 JPY / $12
Made by: FuRyu
Released: late Aug 2015
I have no idea what this is, no picture, no info other than its something to do with Rin Tohsaka and is approx 19cm tall. At $12 I figured it was worth a go anyway, and might be a bit of a mystery!

Black Raven Series – Lilia / White Raven III The Stardust Nightmare. -Samayoeru Tamashii-


Price: An eye watering 48,000 JPY / $400.
Made by: Azone
Released: late Mar 2015 (available now)
This is the single most expensive anime type thing I have ever purchased, and yes it scares the crap out of me how I actually gave in to those red eyes and pressed the ‘add to cart’ button. I spent days debating about this (after having it on my watch list for months), but it looks so amazing and so detailed. Seriously, do not buy one of these unless you can afford it, I can and I still felt like crying at the price. Yes I am insane, now officially certifiable. There are 2 versions, there is the Black Raven V which is also available at:  and is almost the same price. However, that is not the worst of the problem, these terrible Azone people show no mercy and have created the ultimate in temptation, yes, they made a Rin Tohsaka version as well…   – for the moment, I have only (ha?) ordered the White Raven III, and not the Black Raven V or the Rin Tohsaka version. Personally, the Rin version doesn’t actually seem to look as good as the RAH / Real Action Heros version ( ) which is considerably cheaper at 22,810 JPY / $190 and that comes with 2 costumes, and lots of extra parts (hands, faces etc). Time will tell however if my insanity should get worse and I end up buying one of the others. I will post some pics and do a review when it(she?) arrives (at that price, rest assured I will be getting a blog post out of it!). And also, yes this is technically a doll, and its the first time ever I considered actually getting one, but I feel the look is very much anime style and really not much like a doll, the great costume and the big sword help too, although I admit I do feel a little uneasy, and embarrassed, just because its over that line from figure to doll, the reality is that its exactly like an RAH figure but has soft hair, its amazing what effect social stereo typing can have.


Real Action Heroes No.661 Fate Testarossa Blaze Form & No.669 Saber Lily

So I kinda got pulled into the Real Action Heroes series after seeing the Rin Tohsaka one which is on my wish list (here), but as that is so far away (July 2015) I wanted to find out more about these, so I decided to look over the rest of the series, and that’s when I found Fate in blaze form. I just had to get it, I’m not sure why exactly, but it looked so good, and I mean seriously how the hell can the sword be that big? And how can she stand with that thing? I had to find out xD.


Available from AmiAmi here:
Price approx: $207

Mine arrived a few weeks ago. I didn’t know much about these and there wasn’t a lot of info on what exactly they are, if you already know then fine, for those who don’t, these are basically an anime figure that’s pose-able, with real clothes on, and they are 27-30cm tall – without the sword! The hair is stiff plastic like a normal fixed anime figure, the front part of the hair comes off and they provide some variations in style as well as the face, again with several versions, all inter-changeable. The large tails in her hair are moveable, they can be in close, far out and they rotate around. All the limbs are fully moveable, the knees are amazing, they have not one but two joints, yes, she can sit down 100% properly, like a human. And she has balance, as I write this mine is free standing on my desk, and is very stable.

The clothes are literally real fabric, the pink skirt and the brown belt are the same item, and its removable, the black under that is a short dress, it goes right to the neck. Also can be taken off, but you will need to remove her head – CAUTION!!! Do not try to pull the head off, it is screwed to the neck, if you want to remove it, firstly remove the top front hair, then the face, then you can see the screw. Use a small cross head screwdriver to carefully remove it, then then the head is removable. To remove the dress you need to remove both arms (they just pull out) and the cape. The cape is very cleverly attached, the 2 golden clips on her upper front are in 2 parts, the visible part is fixed to the dress, the second part just under the cape is a press fit into the other part. To remove it, go under the cape and gently separate the clip outward, away from her chest to her front. There are 2 blank clip parts included in the box so she looks correct even without the cape on. There is also Velcro just below her collar on her back to make the cape sit correctly. And yes, she has real pantsu on under the dress, and yes you can take them off if your so inclined.

The thigh highs are also real, and you can move them around, or down or even off along with the boots, but they are kinda meant to be part of the foot. The foot will come off at its ankle joint, and the foot will be in the boot with the thigh high still on the foot, so the whole lot comes off in one go. If you really want to go further, the base of the boot will come off, but this appears to have a very tiny amount of glue on it, I suspect after making it they found it was too loose. Therefore I don’t recommend this, I found out by accident when trying to put a foot back on, and it pushed out the bottom of the boot, which will now not stay on the boot, and I’ll have to find a tiny amount of glue to keep it on. The feet are actually shaped and even have toes. The main body is actually a very soft sort of rubber, and is shaped with the appropriate curves and details, including belly button, there are gaps for the legs and arms of course, but its very well done. Its quite a surprise when first picking up one of these, I went to grip around her middle, sort of between chest and tummy, and the body actually goes in and feels soft almost like a real body, you kinda feel like your picking up something alive xD.

The sword is included, and is actually so big it comes in 2 parts which slot together. They also provide several different pairs of hands, one of which will hold the sword. I have not tried to balance her free standing with sword in hand, I doubt its possible! But they do also include a stand and a sort of stick to help her make that ‘crushing blow’ type of pose in the picture. I didn’t try this yet xD.

Now, pre-ordering a Rin Tohsaka and buying Fate is not really being pulled in to it now is it? …..which is why I also need to say that I pre-ordered the Saber Lily with initial production limited dress style parts… xD

Real Action Heroes No.669 RAH Saber Lily (w/Initial Production Limited: Dress Style Parts)


Available from AmiAmi here:
Price approx: $207

The limited production dress style parts means it comes with both the armour and the dress parts, including the shoes and white stockings / thigh highs (can’t be 100% certain from the picture). These are going fast, and they actually sold out of them while I was browsing the site. They have since confirmed more availability and they are back on sale again.

The full range of Real Action Heroes can be seen and ordered here at AmiAmi:


Hyper Japan July 2014

Another expo another pile of goodies? Well this time I got so much stuff, I actually had to buy 2 additional bags to carry it all in !

First of all, please excuse the picture quality, these are literally just pulled out of the bag from the expo and put in front of my mobile so you can see them.

DSC_0105 - Copy DSC_0107 - Copy

These are the 2 extra bags I bought to help me carry all the stuff home, as I had an excuse to buy a bag (or 2) I got these, and I’m really happy with them. I’ve not seen or heard of the bag on the right, but it looked so nice I just had to get it. And it was the last one they had. The High School of the Dead (left) has Velcro to hold the flap closed and take the weight to the top carry handle. The shoulder strap takes the weight via the center side supports. The bag on the left actually has 2 plastic locking clips on short straps, and did a great job of carrying lots of heavy anime art books xD. I really like the design on it too, even tho I didn’t recognise the anime.

DSC_0109 - Copy DSC_0111 - Copy

A figure and a blue ray. Although I am aware of the shining wind series, I don’t really know anything about it, but this figure looked so nice I got it anyway. The anime to the right looked good and sounded funny on the back, so I got that too, quite randomly. Also, do not be alarmed by the stickers, all of these are in plastic protective wrapping, so the stickers are not touching the books inside.

DSC_0117 - Copy DSC_0110 - Copy DSC_0116 - Copy

DSC_0113 - CopyDSC_0114 - CopyDSC_0115 - CopyDSC_0112 - Copy


These are the art books, some of these are quite thick and heavy. First two are Type Moon / Fate Stay Night second one having a CD and 2 posters apparently, third is a Navel book.

Lower row, first three are various ToLoveRu books, and the third one looked familiar but I don’t quite remember it, but It looked good so I got it also, and it seems to have a blue ray in it.

At this point you maybe wondering how come I buy things without knowing what it is, well its simply, this is how I find new and interesting stuff, If I like the artwork, then there is a good chance I’ll like the anime or manga or anything else related to it. Most of the time the vendor lets you have a look inside, so you know what it is even if you don’t know the anime/series its from.

DSC_0103 - Copy DSC_0118 - Copy DSC_0120 - Copy DSC_0123 - Copy

DSC_0119 - CopyDSC_0121 - Copy DSC_0122 - Copy


Now for the most amazing part. These are items I got from Raynart’s stall. Starting from the top, a huge plastic poster, this thing is really thick and the quality is lovely, normally costs £30, but I got it for free, because I won it. Next is a paper bag, quite possibly the most beautiful paper/card bag ever, but it actually comes in 4 versions, you get an idea on what the others are like from the prints in the later pictures. Next is the art book, no surprise after seeing how amazing the art is I had to get the book. The key chain I think I got for free because I bought the collection / special set (more on this in a moment).

The first image on the second row here is the collectors special box set featuring  his short stories, the box is designed to take the next set as well which are not out yet. The next picture shows two approx A4 size prints, again these were free as I won these too. The final picture is a set of postcard size prints, I won 3 of these, and he gave me the 4th to complete the set, which was nice.

So, how did this come about? Well I initially looked at one of the short stories, it looked good, and I already really liked the look of the art. He then started showing me various things, (the items above) and pointed out that I could buy a package set for £65, that included the collectors box and 2 stories, the art book, the bag and maybe the key chain. BUT it also included 3 chances to play the dice to win something. Basically he has two D10 dice, and I get 3 throws. Each throw makes a number, which matches up to various items. He told me someone yesterday won one of the big plastic board posters, and so I decided to go for it. I also bought the third story so it came to £70. First throw got me the postcard prints, the second got me the huge plastic board poster and the third got me the 2 larger prints. Considering that the large board poster usually sells for £30 on its own, that was quite a deal there. Obviously he must have factored in the chances and costs, but even so I did feel quite guilty to do so well. I really hope he does well.

This was probably the biggest spend at an expo so far, and it was certainly very tiring, but I’m really happy with the things I picked up and it was worth the trip.

DSC_0101 - Copy DSC_0102 - Copy DSC_0099 - Copy DSC_0100 - Copy

Oh and I stumbled upon Yun*Chi singing the Log Horizon ED as well which was quite awesome xD (pics taken just after the song during the talk).



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Fate/Stay Night Mega Delivery + DC III R

A picture says a thousand words so I’ll start with this…

DSC_0022Excluding the mouse mat just visible on the left and the monitor in the background (and the desk obviously) all this arrived today from AmiAmi in one huge box. Heres what it is:

  • Fate/Stay Night + Hollow Ataraxia combo set, says 10th anniversary on it and is very heavy, feels like there might be an art book inside.
  • Rin Tohsaka Figma – this one is ‘pre owned’ but it appears to be unopened and still has the original tape seal on the outer box.
  • Saber Fantasy Maid – also pre owned but again appears to be unopened. This is designed to fit into the base of my Rin Tohsaka maid figure (not pictured).
  • Rin Tohsaka Magical Girl version – this is huge, it is by far the biggest figure I have and I had no idea it was this big. Also pre owned and again appears unopened.
  • D.C. III R – X Rated – Da Capo 3 with the X-rated content included, this is supposed to be the final/complete one but its Circus so maybe more.
  • February Issue of Genki G’s Magazine.
  • Little Busters Ex fluffy towel, Mio maid version.
  • Culture Japan Moe Kanji – I already have the Moe Kana and the booster pack.

Now some close up pictures…click to enlarge.



I will do some un-boxing pictures in a later post.


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FUNimation Entertainment Starts Stealth War on Anime Fans

Funimation has started what appears to be a new wave of DMCA attacks against anyone and everyone that uses google…

See this and this and this as just some examples.

These complaints are designed to have google de-list all of the urls in the complaint, take a look at some of those links, Nyaa ok is to be expected, but forums and ebay ?

Further, doing a search on for ‘Funimation’ brings up a total of 54 such complaints.

Google seems relativly happy to simply comply, meaning Funimation can simply keep de-listing bits of the internet as they see fit.

Quite how Funi expects this to help them sell anime is beyond me, and seems to only damage them, if people cant even post or discuss the very product they want to sell, how are we supposed to know it exists in the first place?

Edit: Also take a look at this notice how CrunchyRoll and facebook are also listed.

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MATV Subs: The [email protected] Stalled


So its almost a week since the last post and still no release, and actually very little progress has been made since. Out of the 3 translators, one is on holiday, one is playing arcade games and is getting bored of doing IMAS subbing, and the other is self confessed ‘lazy and unreliable’. My typesetter has gone awol and no one has seen her for a week, my timer is around to idle in the channel but is too busy dataing to work on anything. I’m at work most of the time and have little time to do much, and was ill. As a result, nothing much of anything has happened. Episode 7 airs today and we have EP3 V2, Ep4, Ep5 and Ep6 in the queue, therefore unfortunatly, the project has now stalled.

I honestly don’t know if the group will continue or if the project will resume, but I suspect new team members will be required to keeping it going.
Feel free to drop by #matv on and give ‘words of encouragement’ to the staff, or to join the team if you have some skills, all positions are open.

We would suggest ‘Chibiki’ subs (UTW & co.) which are better than ours anyway, if your tired of waiting on us.

P.S – Random Yukiho picture comes from Episode 2, just becuase I wanted to use it :P


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Update & Delays

We are still running behind on episodes 4 and 5, and now that 6 has aired that is also in the queue as well. Episodes 4 and 5 are translated, TLC is done for 5 and TLC for 4 is in progress. Rough timing and TS we hope to make progress on today.

At present we don’t know when they will be ready, but we are trying to avoid a tripple release, so the intention is to release 4 & 5 together within the next couple of days, and 6 should follow a couple days before ep 7 airs. We should then be back to our normal release time. Atleast thats the plan. :/

We are also considering doing a V2 for episode 3 if we ever get time. Ep3 was rushed, and we’ve had a fair amount of critacism regarding it, no one likes to see a negative review of their work and we certainly don’t like to release something thats bad, we admit it was rushed and in the end we decided we just couldn’t delay it any longer. We’re still behind now, it would be worse if we had spent longer on EP3. In our defense, I don’t think our release was as bad as that review implies, although it was actually only translated by our usual TLC, and we didnt have anyone else to do the TLC or edit, therefore an attempt to edit was done during the QC, but I’m not a skillful editor and did the best I could while trying to keep it accurate.


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 3


We’re a little late on this one, most of the group had some RL stuff that got in the way, so we’re sorry this is so late.
I also managed to mess up the original torrent by using the wrong file, so it had to be re made.

[MATV-Subs] THE [email protected] – 03 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [1D468AB2].mkv


Translator: k0sm0s & KarbyP
TL Check: KarbyP & k0sm0s
Typeset/Kara: Eri-tan
Timing/Kara: Ritsuko-Akizuki, Maiku_Ando
QC: Maiku_Ando, Eri-tan, K0sm0s

Episode 4 is in progress and *should* be out soon as well.


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 2

We’re both faster and slower this week! (Slower than our V1 but faster than our V2).
We took a little longer and focused more on quality, we’re [email protected] fans after all! Hope you see the difference!

[MATV-Subs] THE [email protected] – 02 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [30DDEB3B].mkv


Translator: KarbyP
TL Check: k0sm0s
Typeset/Kara: Eri-tan
Timing/Kara: Ritsuko-Akizuki, Maiku_Ando


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 1 V2


Well I did say we were not happy with the first release, therefore we present our V2!
This is basically MATV-Subs doing a re-work of the previous release.

To clear up some confusion, EveTaku have decided to drop the series and also break the joint, however MATV-Subs are NOT dropping it! We will be here next week (actually its this week now) and we intend on doing the entire series.

If you watched our first release, we apologise, lol please re-watch the V2.

[MATV-EveTaku] THE [email protected] – 01v2 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [AC3EFBA3].mkv


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