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MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 1 Release


Well we finally did it. MATV Subs & EveTaku Fansubs present the first episode of The [email protected]!

This was a very difficult release for us, we had lost 3 TLs before the first ep even aired, we got a TL at the last minute (20 hours before air)
and EveTaku had to handle a lot of work to get this finished.
A big thanks to everyone at EveTaku, and of course everyone who worked on this from MATV Subs.

We would like to continue to sub this show, but we need another TL and a TLC, and an editor by next week :/

[EveTaku-MATV] THE [email protected] – 01 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [0D44E18E].mkv


Ok, so there are a few mistakes in this episode, and I’m really not happy with the quality of it. This was a joint project, and well lets just say it really didnt work out for either group. This was rushed out, and no one even got a chance to QC the final before release. Therefore, we’re currently busy working on a V2. We hope to have this out soon.


MATV Subs – Wait, What? – Moekan OP & The [email protected]

For ages I’ve had this love for the opening theme video for the Moekan visual novel on PC. I loved the song in it and really wanted to see it subbed. A really long time ago I badgered JinK and Moshi from FTV subs to TL the OP for me. I then tried my hand at doing Karaoke, and so with a helping hand from langes01x who fixed a few mistakes and helped me with a few other bits we had an OP. I had intended to release it on the site back then, but for some reason never did and it got forgotten. So with a big thanks to everyone at FTV subs, I present Moekan!

moekan op
DDL and more screen caps here

Will I do more subs? Maybe. I have been making some [email protected] videos and when I get a decent-ish desktop again I plan on taking some HD captures and maybe adding some subs if I get time. I’m also working with Project [email protected] on some other [email protected] stuff in preparation for the [email protected] Anime which we are planning on subbing!


A season way back when… Spring – Summer 2010 Pt 2

I had completely forgotten to complete my reviews of the Spring season, its now rather late to complete them as detailed as I would have at the time, and now there finished I cant do a second midway review point, so this is really just finishing it off with some final thoughts. The first part of this review can be seen here.

Note, this contains spoilers!

Angel Beats

I gave it a pretty hard review on its first 4 episodes, but I stil kept with it to the end, and I’m glad I did. It slowly improved from episode 5, and by the second third it was going strong. Some of the episodes still felt like filler, and seemed a bit out of place, but as the story changed with Tenshi it really got to the level I was expecting and hoped for, I still didn’t like the over the top gore, but the way it ended was quite emotional, for me thats what makes the difference between an amime thats good, and one thats memorable as a great. Its a keeper.

B Gata H Kei

Initially a very poor review, I think the worst out the batch I was watching. I stayed with it, hoping it would get better, unfortunately it really didnt at all. Some parts had me loathing it, yet still I kept watching, I think solely for the comedy. The main character did finally improve, but the show didnt really get anywhere at all by the time it ended. It funny in parts, its crude and theres a lot better things to be watching now.

K-On 2

My guess of a new song didn’t happen as predicted, and really the music was lacking too much for me. I really enjoyed the first season, and had hoped for more of the same in that respect, but this season was a lot more school-life than school-band-life. That said, it was funny, the music was still good and ending was emotional, all be it not as powerful as Angel Beats. I still love it, and its a keeper. I’d like and watch a 3rd season.

Kiss x Sis

The reason I like this show is totally for the ecchi comedy, and I think maybe my review earlier didn’t really say a lot. I do agree with AccipiterF1’s comment, Kiss X Sis is not exactly one of the great animes, and is not much good for anything other than ecchiness. I don’t even find the twins cute either, but I did find it funny and entertaining. Its great random comedy, but no ones really expecting great plot here anyway. Another series which didn’t really get anywhere, and I’ve already forgotten most of it.

As for Mahoromatic and Kiss X Sis, for me they are not even close, for Mahoro is the maid with a true heart, and was a great classic very dear to my heart, I have the fansubs, the DVDs, the mangas and even one of the art books, they are two entirely separate worlds. How I wish for another Mahoromatic.

Mayoi Neko Overrun

I enjoyed this to the end, it was a cute and charming anime, although its not one that will stick in your head to much, thats not to say it isnt good, because it is, my favourite characters are the 2 crazy maids, their antics were what kept me hooked, their master was far too spoilt for me to like, a tsundere too far for my liking really, but don’t let that put you off as there are a lot of really cute and interesting characters in this. I just can’t remember the ending at all :/

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Maid-sama started to regain some of its irritation factor, the back and forth plot and round about story with Usui was dragged out too much. My favourite character ended up being the owner of the maid cafe, shes funny, sometimes weird and more interesting than a certain tsundere maid. They way the plot twisted with her childhood friend was disappointing, I found it too harsh and the constant confrontations between him and Usui got boring quickly. the whole second half of the series felt more like a delaying tactic than part of the main plot really. And after all that the end was rather disappointing too.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

This did not disappoint, right to the very last episode this was great, lots of action, it was funny, a good plot and story and it kept me coming back for each episode. Its now one of my all time favourites and a keeper, although the final episode ended a little flat, I take that as a set up for a second season, I just hope there is one soon, because I really want to see more of it.

At some point I may cover the summer and winter shows I watched. For the most part I have not seen most of the anime from fall 2010 and I’m currently doing a marathon catch-up on the whole season over Xmas and new years. For DDLs of any of the above just click the title or the image.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. See you in 2011.


Current Season ~ Opinion

I thought it might be interesting to note down what I thought of the current season shows I’m watching, and then look back at it to see if my opinion changes further into each.

This season I’m watching:
Angel Beats
B Gata H Kei
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Kiss x Sis
Mayoi Neko Overrun

The following is based on the first 4 episodes, and may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen these episodes yet.

Angel Beats

The new work from Key, this was hyped up a lot before it aired, to the point where I was expecting another Clannad or Ef. Naturally I watched it the second it was available, and dam what a total disappointment. The first episode was all setup really, fair enough, some parts were funny though, others not so much. The insane violence really put me off, especially by episode 2. It’s clearly supposed to be funny, but sorry its just not. The amount of detail put into the sound effects of the various horrible painful-but-not-actually-dieing deaths are a bit over the top, and the fact they emphasise they still feel the pain, totally kills off the effect of the witty retorts when the said un-dead person wakes up. It’s not as bad as Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, (which I dropped after like 6 episodes), but I personally don’t find that element funny.

Putting that aside, I did like the intro, with Angel on the piano; I thought that was a nice touch. I also really like the school band, there music was cool, the vocals were good too…and then they kill off the lead singer in EP 3, and change the OP in EP 4. Yea, whatever. OK OK, so plot??? that’s GOT to save it right? Hmm well no. You have this sort of secret army in the school of the after life, and they have this awesome place about a million times better underground which is an even bigger secret to make the weapons called Guild. Can you guess where its going? yep by the end of the same episode they destroyed that as well. Episode 4 was all about baseball. It was actually funny.

This series has awesome artwork, it has a few great characters, the main leads are interesting, the girl is hot, the guy is cool, the gang adds some good comedy… and the plot… well that’s where it starts to go wrong. Either these great things which have died/gone were not important to the story, in which case it was pointless filler (which is a shame because they were the better bits) or they are meant to be important later, in which case they have a problem because there appearance was too short. I can’t help but think the writers can’t make up their mind where there going with it. I hope the next 4 episodes improve. I still like the show, but it’s the show I’m most disappointed with. DDL here.

B Gata H Kei

This is about a girl who wants 100 sex buddies, yet she’s a virgin and hasn’t got a clue about kissing or even how to go on a date. Its funny, its quite insane and sometimes its hard to work out which is funnier, the pathetic attempts to get to ‘C’ with her first target, or the resulting misfortune when they fail horribly. If you’re looking for a laugh then it’s all good, but it will start to get old very quickly. The girl is quite simply horrible, and really doesn’t deserve anyone let alone the poor helpless chap she attacked in the bookshop. Unfortunately that’s about all this has, each episode is the pretty much the same, I can’t rip the plot apart like I did to Angel Beats because it hasn’t got one to begin with, but it *is* funny. And its not really ecchi, it is crude, and very direct, but its no wall-o-pantsu (there’s no plot either mind you). Great for something to watch to give you a laugh while your waiting for something better to download, or you can watch it after Angel Beats to “fill-in” for the missing comedy. Also one of my least favourites. DDL here.

K-On 2

Great to see more K-On, I liked the first season and so was keen to see the new one. The OP, sorry, don’t like it. Clearly there trying to make another “Don’t say lazy” and failed miserably. The main plot hasn’t gone too far yet, the main focus is start of the school year and trying to find new members for the club, fairly predictable really, and its been a bit slow, but as this is meant to be 24 episodes that’s to be expected. The lack of music is a little saddening, but in EP3 they write a new song, so it looks like its going to pick up the pace a little. Not really much else to say on it yet (only 3 episodes of this), other than selling that awesome original Gibson for 500,000 yen was just wrong. DDL here.

Kiss x Sis (TV)

The ultimate mega-wall-o-pantsu-neo-hentai goes TV. Its just like the OVAs, but its actually funnier. The girls’ battles are better, Riko’s obstacle course in EP 4 was just fantastic, Ako’s “I’ll be your tutor” routine and her methods to help with memorising those difficult English phrases were great. Wish I had a tutor for Japanese like that. Its almost as ecchi as the OVAs – I don’t know if that just because they haven’t got far enough into the story yet or if that’s the limit for TV airing, either way its pretty close, and really funny. Better than B Gata H Kei. DDL here.

Mayoi Neko Overrun

This was a total accidental find thanks to my friends at Ryuumaru Fansubs. I’d been hosting this for 4 episodes and not seen any until today, when I ended up watching all 4 in a row. This show is great, its sweet, its funny, it has lots of cute cats…and a full sized mega-cute cat girl who can cook like a master chef. It has a deeper plot to it as well, all the main characters are orphans, and the cats who fill the house were all abandoned and rescued. The protagonist (Takumi) lives in this cat themed pastry shop, and the owner took him in after he ran away from the orphanage. She goes off and rescues cats (and maybe other things, we don’t know yet) like some sort of super-hero, and ends up filling the house with them. Fumino is his childhood friend and the main heroine, she was at the orphanage with Takumi, and part of the reason he ran away so that she could get adopted. She always says the opposite to what she really means, and although a little annoying, is also quite funny at times.

The school where they all go is rather funny, it’s owned by some really wealthy family, the grand daughter is the typical spoilt brat who wants to use it as her personal playground, but she’s not that bad really, and is easily ridiculed by her own stupidity, her staff (2 really lovely and funny maids) or the other students. There’s already a lot of emotion between the characters, and this looks like its going to develop into one of my favourites. Recommended. DDL here.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

I will watch anything and everything that has a maid in it, all I needed was the title for this one. The first episode almost put me off though; the main lead is the student council president Misaki Ayuzawa. She hates men; she’s trying to turn the school into a place for girls when it was a notorious all boys school before she came along. She’s overly violent, and incredibly unfair to the boys. After watching 15 minutes of that I was starting to get a bit tired of her, I wasn’t really interested in another over the top tsundere, but then it turned around.

Ayuzawa has a secret, she works in a maid cafe out of school. It’s a nice twist, and a funny one. Especially as one of the boys (Usui) finds out and then becomes a regular customer. Some of the other delinquents find out, but he forces them to keep quiet as its his “personal entertainment”. They end up being regular customers as well. She’s always trying to keep on top of everything, and then Usui will show up, being way too relaxed and cool, and will say something that will really get to her. Sometimes she melts and then gets mad and tries to hide it, and some times she’s just violent. But as it goes on the other characters from the cafe and Usui start to change her just a bit, and it balances it out nicely. It may not have the deep plot like Clannad or Ef, its not that kind of show, but its not a wall-o-pantsu either, its a nice heart warming and funny romance type of thing. It has a kind of magic to it, and its one of my current favourites. DDL here.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

This was another accident, and it was a request from the capper to Ryuumaru, it wasn’t an intended show for this season, but I’m glad it is. This is one of the biggest surprises of this season, and it’s quite possibly the best. The OP and ED are awesome, I can watch it every time and love it, the story is hilariously funny, the characters are just brilliant and the plot is thickening already. The main character, Akuto Sai wants to be a high priest, and change the world. He enrols in the Constant Magic Academy, and on the way to school he happens to meet Junko Hattori, she is from the Suharaist family who are charged with protecting the empire for generations. Initially this sounds like a perfect partnership. Right up until they get to the school and they are told their future careers, where he is pronounced a future demon king who will destroy the world.

He then tries to constantly prove he’s not a bad guy, and tries to make it up to Junko, all of his attempts back fire of course, and the situation escalates. It doesn’t help matters that various misunderstandings all make him look like a pervert. On his first day he blows up the classroom, makes a crater in the school grounds and ends up with half the female population thinking he’s a pervert. He soon ends up with a constant “observer” who follows him everywhere (literally) reporting on his actions and crimes, this alone is incredibly funny, as she keeps messing with him, and many of the other students.

He tries to patch things up with Junko a third time which again goes wrong and this time he accidentally gets accused of trying to take over the school, and ends up with him up against Junko and the entire school all trying to kill him. All of that in only the first 3 episodes make this a definite must watch. This isn’t listed by Animesuki, so you wont find it on Fansub, but you can get it from MATV here.

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15+Gig of Anime Updates and Ryuumaru Affiliation

Finally I got around to filling in the missing files and episodes on the video library, added in 2 whole series and lots of other missing and updated episodes (DVD or v2 of releases). Every series on the site that has finished airing is now fully complete.

I have also joined up with Ryuumaru Fansubs to bring Ladies Vs Butlers and Omamori Himari to the site as soon as its released, MATV will be the DDL provider to Ryuumaru for all their releases for both shows. All past releases are already up, and all new episodes will be available as soon as they are released. This now makes us DDL for 2 fansub groups, as MATV also provides the DDL for FTV-Subs.

New items added:
Ladies Vs Butlers – (1-6 on-going) – Ryuumaru MKV and MP4
Omamori Himari – (1-5 on-going) – Ryuumaru MKV
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – (1-18 Ayako h264 MKV, Mazui 12-15,17 MKV, SubSmith MKV for special 01)
Valkyria Chronicles – MKV h264 – (1-10 AnY-Conclave, 11-26 gleam)
Rosario to Vampire Capu2 – MKV DVD – (1-7 Ayako + m.3.3.w, 8-9 Ayako + eKissSub, 10-13 Seto Otaku)
Da Capo II – AVI (Shinsen-Subs)
Da Capo II SS – Xvid (Chihiro)
Kamen no Maid Guy * – (Yakuza&T-K h264 MKV 1-12, Xvid 2,4-6,8 and Ayako DVD MP4 1-4, SukiPawa OVA MKV)

There were some earlier updates which were not mentioned on the blog, these also added:
Amaenaideyo Katsu DVD – AVI 1-13 Mendoi
Maid Deka (J Drama) episodes 1-11 in Xvid 704×396
Moekan OAV 1-3 Anime-Empire AVI

Various pictures and descriptions were also updated.
* Kamen no Maid Guy still has some files downloading, a version of every episode is now present but it may not be in the desired format. The remaining Y&T-K MKV’s (2,4,5,6v2,8) and Ayako’s MP4 DVDs 2-4 are on their way.

All of the above are available for download on this page (updated).


Ladies Vs Butlers (With DDL + Watch Now)

(Updated DDL for all Episodes Here)

I only started watching this about a week and a half ago, but I’m already totally addicted to it. Its ecchi, so dam funny and Saikyou Tomomi is just awesome, cheaky, maybe a little evil, definitely my favourite character and shes not even in a maid uniform (shock). Theres tons of maids, a couple of butlers and lots of upper class girls all in sort of mixed school where the servant class practice being servants to the upper class students by working in the restaurant at the weekends.

Heres a streaming player for Episode 1 (see the DDL links above for the rest or if this dosnt work) Double click the video for full-screen. When in full-screen click once for controls or right click for a menu. You can save the video from the player as well. This uses the latest DivX web player, and can be configured to auto save each video as you watch it, meaning you can watch as it downloads. Enjoy :)

[Sorry, new WordPress now removes all HTML in a post. Click here to watch a streamed ep.]

As this is one of my current favourite shows I’m hosting releases by Ryuumaru and Doki in both MKV 720p and some 480p versions.


Site News! ~ New Anime

Lots of anime has been added over the last week, lots from the FTV-Subs group and some entire new series including Amaenaideyo Katsu, Da Capo, Da Capo II and Valkyria Chronicles. Check out the Full A-Z Listing for all the new additions. Also take a look at the high quality subs from FTV-Subs group which we are hosting for direct download in the FTV-Subs Section.

There have been some problems over the last couple of months with the site which have now been resolved, and the links and lists are now up to date. I have also been adding more info, descriptions and pictures for many of the existing animes, there are still some missing but more will come soon.


Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku!!) Second Season (With Direct Download)

Hayate Ayasaki is an unlucky teenager who worked since childhood to make ends meet due to his parents’ irresponsible behavior. One day he finds out that his parents ran away from home, leaving behind a massive gambling debt on his shoulders. While running away from the debt collectors, he ends up meeting Nagi Sanzen’in, a young girl who is the sole heir of the wealthy Sanzen’in estate, and due to a misunderstanding, Nagi ends up falling in love with Hayate. After he rescues Nagi from some kidnappers, she hires Hayate as her new butler (from Wikipedia).

As this is not listed on FTV, you can download all the episodes in the MATV Video Library here, we have MKVs by Static-Subs & Eclipse. (updated).

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Happy Luna New Year – Year of the Ox

Another year has past and we’re now in the year of the Ox.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperious 2009!

For those Fruits Basket Fans heres your image…(stolen from



Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings!

Wishing that everyone on FTV…



Have a Very Merry Anime Christmas!

 Maiku Ando

Xmas Sig


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