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Hyper Japan July 2014

Another expo another pile of goodies? Well this time I got so much stuff, I actually had to buy 2 additional bags to carry it all in !

First of all, please excuse the picture quality, these are literally just pulled out of the bag from the expo and put in front of my mobile so you can see them.

DSC_0105 - Copy DSC_0107 - Copy

These are the 2 extra bags I bought to help me carry all the stuff home, as I had an excuse to buy a bag (or 2) I got these, and I’m really happy with them. I’ve not seen or heard of the bag on the right, but it looked so nice I just had to get it. And it was the last one they had. The High School of the Dead (left) has Velcro to hold the flap closed and take the weight to the top carry handle. The shoulder strap takes the weight via the center side supports. The bag on the left actually has 2 plastic locking clips on short straps, and did a great job of carrying lots of heavy anime art books xD. I really like the design on it too, even tho I didn’t recognise the anime.

DSC_0109 - Copy DSC_0111 - Copy

A figure and a blue ray. Although I am aware of the shining wind series, I don’t really know anything about it, but this figure looked so nice I got it anyway. The anime to the right looked good and sounded funny on the back, so I got that too, quite randomly. Also, do not be alarmed by the stickers, all of these are in plastic protective wrapping, so the stickers are not touching the books inside.

DSC_0117 - Copy DSC_0110 - Copy DSC_0116 - Copy

DSC_0113 - CopyDSC_0114 - CopyDSC_0115 - CopyDSC_0112 - Copy


These are the art books, some of these are quite thick and heavy. First two are Type Moon / Fate Stay Night second one having a CD and 2 posters apparently, third is a Navel book.

Lower row, first three are various ToLoveRu books, and the third one looked familiar but I don’t quite remember it, but It looked good so I got it also, and it seems to have a blue ray in it.

At this point you maybe wondering how come I buy things without knowing what it is, well its simply, this is how I find new and interesting stuff, If I like the artwork, then there is a good chance I’ll like the anime or manga or anything else related to it. Most of the time the vendor lets you have a look inside, so you know what it is even if you don’t know the anime/series its from.

DSC_0103 - Copy DSC_0118 - Copy DSC_0120 - Copy DSC_0123 - Copy

DSC_0119 - CopyDSC_0121 - Copy DSC_0122 - Copy


Now for the most amazing part. These are items I got from Raynart’s stall. Starting from the top, a huge plastic poster, this thing is really thick and the quality is lovely, normally costs £30, but I got it for free, because I won it. Next is a paper bag, quite possibly the most beautiful paper/card bag ever, but it actually comes in 4 versions, you get an idea on what the others are like from the prints in the later pictures. Next is the art book, no surprise after seeing how amazing the art is I had to get the book. The key chain I think I got for free because I bought the collection / special set (more on this in a moment).

The first image on the second row here is the collectors special box set featuring  his short stories, the box is designed to take the next set as well which are not out yet. The next picture shows two approx A4 size prints, again these were free as I won these too. The final picture is a set of postcard size prints, I won 3 of these, and he gave me the 4th to complete the set, which was nice.

So, how did this come about? Well I initially looked at one of the short stories, it looked good, and I already really liked the look of the art. He then started showing me various things, (the items above) and pointed out that I could buy a package set for £65, that included the collectors box and 2 stories, the art book, the bag and maybe the key chain. BUT it also included 3 chances to play the dice to win something. Basically he has two D10 dice, and I get 3 throws. Each throw makes a number, which matches up to various items. He told me someone yesterday won one of the big plastic board posters, and so I decided to go for it. I also bought the third story so it came to £70. First throw got me the postcard prints, the second got me the huge plastic board poster and the third got me the 2 larger prints. Considering that the large board poster usually sells for £30 on its own, that was quite a deal there. Obviously he must have factored in the chances and costs, but even so I did feel quite guilty to do so well. I really hope he does well.

This was probably the biggest spend at an expo so far, and it was certainly very tiring, but I’m really happy with the things I picked up and it was worth the trip.

DSC_0101 - Copy DSC_0102 - Copy DSC_0099 - Copy DSC_0100 - Copy

Oh and I stumbled upon Yun*Chi singing the Log Horizon ED as well which was quite awesome xD (pics taken just after the song during the talk).



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Fate/Stay Night Mega Delivery + DC III R

A picture says a thousand words so I’ll start with this…

DSC_0022Excluding the mouse mat just visible on the left and the monitor in the background (and the desk obviously) all this arrived today from AmiAmi in one huge box. Heres what it is:

  • Fate/Stay Night + Hollow Ataraxia combo set, says 10th anniversary on it and is very heavy, feels like there might be an art book inside.
  • Rin Tohsaka Figma – this one is ‘pre owned’ but it appears to be unopened and still has the original tape seal on the outer box.
  • Saber Fantasy Maid – also pre owned but again appears to be unopened. This is designed to fit into the base of my Rin Tohsaka maid figure (not pictured).
  • Rin Tohsaka Magical Girl version – this is huge, it is by far the biggest figure I have and I had no idea it was this big. Also pre owned and again appears unopened.
  • D.C. III R – X Rated – Da Capo 3 with the X-rated content included, this is supposed to be the final/complete one but its Circus so maybe more.
  • February Issue of Genki G’s Magazine.
  • Little Busters Ex fluffy towel, Mio maid version.
  • Culture Japan Moe Kanji – I already have the Moe Kana and the booster pack.

Now some close up pictures…click to enlarge.



I will do some un-boxing pictures in a later post.


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