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It has been 2 and a bit years since anything was done on here, mainly due to the technical problems we’ve been having at Fansub.TV which left the blogs disconnected from the forum. But now they are working again (after months of work behind the scenes by myself and Daft) I’m feeling the need to bring it back to life. First task was to do something about the spam, this blog was easy thankfully, but the JZine blog is going to take some time (717,797 comments still to go!) but I have Akismet on the case and its slowly chugging through them. Next is to do some general tidying up and update the pages. The Rin Tohsaka Figure Collection page is laughable compared to what I actually have now, that’s going to need a lot of pictures to update that, and the wish list.

It is quite funny to return to something that has been sort of ‘trapped in time’ and note how things were back then, like how small my Rin collection was, and then seeing my post about the White Raven and how I’m mad to buy it, yet as I sit here, I am accompanied by no less than 15 equally sized dolls (it’s all your fault Lilia / White Raven III ! you started me off on this expensive journey). One good thing is that I can simply cut/paste almost the entire Rin part of the wish list into the Rin Figure collection, as I have managed to get so many of them.


New Pre-Orders & Planned Expo Visit

MCM London Expo: 22 – 24 May 2015.

Details and tickets:
Firstly the Expo, I will be attending the MCM London Expo, if anyone would like to arrange a meet or something please send me a PM via FTV.

New Pre Orders!

AKA where has all my money gone xD (or will go!)

Its been a while since I did an update, so I thought I’d share what I have on pre order, some of these I placed a long time ago, some just recently.

figma – Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: Rin Tohsaka 2.0(Pre-order)


Price: 4,460 JPY / $37
Made by: MAX Factory
Released (exp): late Sep-2015
Get yours at:
A new Rin figma? Took less than 10 seconds for me to secure that xD

Fate/stay night [UBW] – Messenger Bag: Rin Tohsaka


Price: 4,536 JPY / $37
Made by: COSPA
Released: mid May 2015
I already have two anime bags… but its Rin…can’t resist xD

Real Action Heroes No.698 RAH Sword Art Online II – Sinon


Price: 22,940 JPY / $191
Made by: Medicom Toy
Released: late Aug 2015
The RAH figures are just amazing, and Sinon with her Hecate II gun which is moveable and having real clothes, I had to get it.

Fate/stay night [UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS] Master Figure -Rin Tohsaka- (Game-prize)

No picture, yet.

Price: 1,460 JPY / $12
Made by: FuRyu
Released: late Aug 2015
I have no idea what this is, no picture, no info other than its something to do with Rin Tohsaka and is approx 19cm tall. At $12 I figured it was worth a go anyway, and might be a bit of a mystery!

Black Raven Series – Lilia / White Raven III The Stardust Nightmare. -Samayoeru Tamashii-


Price: An eye watering 48,000 JPY / $400.
Made by: Azone
Released: late Mar 2015 (available now)
This is the single most expensive anime type thing I have ever purchased, and yes it scares the crap out of me how I actually gave in to those red eyes and pressed the ‘add to cart’ button. I spent days debating about this (after having it on my watch list for months), but it looks so amazing and so detailed. Seriously, do not buy one of these unless you can afford it, I can and I still felt like crying at the price. Yes I am insane, now officially certifiable. There are 2 versions, there is the Black Raven V which is also available at:  and is almost the same price. However, that is not the worst of the problem, these terrible Azone people show no mercy and have created the ultimate in temptation, yes, they made a Rin Tohsaka version as well…   – for the moment, I have only (ha?) ordered the White Raven III, and not the Black Raven V or the Rin Tohsaka version. Personally, the Rin version doesn’t actually seem to look as good as the RAH / Real Action Heros version ( ) which is considerably cheaper at 22,810 JPY / $190 and that comes with 2 costumes, and lots of extra parts (hands, faces etc). Time will tell however if my insanity should get worse and I end up buying one of the others. I will post some pics and do a review when it(she?) arrives (at that price, rest assured I will be getting a blog post out of it!). And also, yes this is technically a doll, and its the first time ever I considered actually getting one, but I feel the look is very much anime style and really not much like a doll, the great costume and the big sword help too, although I admit I do feel a little uneasy, and embarrassed, just because its over that line from figure to doll, the reality is that its exactly like an RAH figure but has soft hair, its amazing what effect social stereo typing can have.


TV Show Project

I’ve decided to start an Anime TV Show project, those of you who may have seen my ‘Maiku Ando TV News’ shows on youtube and on MATV will know this originally started out as a fun way to give the site news rather than make a forum post. Well, now I thought – Why not make it an Anime show? Something like CrunchyRoll’s Live Show, but not live, without people and make it animated and about anime. The new anime show will be different to the MATV News a little, and we would like to know what you might want to see in it. I say we, because I’m also recruiting if anyone is interested in having something added or being involved – note that I don’t know how many people I’ll be able to bring into this, or in what way, so if your interested, do let me know asap.

To give you some more info, and an idea of what its like, heres Episode 3 of the MATV News…


For anyone wanting to know what happened with this, the idea fell apart when Xtranormal decided to shutdown, without any other way to make the videos the idea was abandoned.


FUNimation Entertainment Starts Stealth War on Anime Fans

Funimation has started what appears to be a new wave of DMCA attacks against anyone and everyone that uses google…

See this and this and this as just some examples.

These complaints are designed to have google de-list all of the urls in the complaint, take a look at some of those links, Nyaa ok is to be expected, but forums and ebay ?

Further, doing a search on for ‘Funimation’ brings up a total of 54 such complaints.

Google seems relativly happy to simply comply, meaning Funimation can simply keep de-listing bits of the internet as they see fit.

Quite how Funi expects this to help them sell anime is beyond me, and seems to only damage them, if people cant even post or discuss the very product they want to sell, how are we supposed to know it exists in the first place?

Edit: Also take a look at this notice how CrunchyRoll and facebook are also listed.

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MATV Subs: The [email protected] Stalled


So its almost a week since the last post and still no release, and actually very little progress has been made since. Out of the 3 translators, one is on holiday, one is playing arcade games and is getting bored of doing IMAS subbing, and the other is self confessed ‘lazy and unreliable’. My typesetter has gone awol and no one has seen her for a week, my timer is around to idle in the channel but is too busy dataing to work on anything. I’m at work most of the time and have little time to do much, and was ill. As a result, nothing much of anything has happened. Episode 7 airs today and we have EP3 V2, Ep4, Ep5 and Ep6 in the queue, therefore unfortunatly, the project has now stalled.

I honestly don’t know if the group will continue or if the project will resume, but I suspect new team members will be required to keeping it going.
Feel free to drop by #matv on and give ‘words of encouragement’ to the staff, or to join the team if you have some skills, all positions are open.

We would suggest ‘Chibiki’ subs (UTW & co.) which are better than ours anyway, if your tired of waiting on us.

P.S – Random Yukiho picture comes from Episode 2, just becuase I wanted to use it :P


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Update & Delays

We are still running behind on episodes 4 and 5, and now that 6 has aired that is also in the queue as well. Episodes 4 and 5 are translated, TLC is done for 5 and TLC for 4 is in progress. Rough timing and TS we hope to make progress on today.

At present we don’t know when they will be ready, but we are trying to avoid a tripple release, so the intention is to release 4 & 5 together within the next couple of days, and 6 should follow a couple days before ep 7 airs. We should then be back to our normal release time. Atleast thats the plan. :/

We are also considering doing a V2 for episode 3 if we ever get time. Ep3 was rushed, and we’ve had a fair amount of critacism regarding it, no one likes to see a negative review of their work and we certainly don’t like to release something thats bad, we admit it was rushed and in the end we decided we just couldn’t delay it any longer. We’re still behind now, it would be worse if we had spent longer on EP3. In our defense, I don’t think our release was as bad as that review implies, although it was actually only translated by our usual TLC, and we didnt have anyone else to do the TLC or edit, therefore an attempt to edit was done during the QC, but I’m not a skillful editor and did the best I could while trying to keep it accurate.


Updates, more anime and a new layout…

More Anime…Current season stuff!
This season I’m actually hosting current season shows, and updating them!
Initially because Ryuumaru are doing them, but then I found some I liked, and then had a couple of requests and…. well somehow I’m doing 9 current season shows…which is a bit insane really.

And some of them I’m actually working on as part of Ryuumaru so its keeping me insanely busy. Next season I might not do so many, unless I can automate things more.

Shows I have on the site:
(* indicates shows I am/were working on)
Ichiban_Ushiro_no_Daimaou *
Ikkitousen_Xtreme_Xecutor *
Kiss_x_Sis *
Mayoi_Neko_Overrun *

I have also made a new layout…with pictures! Each episode now has 11 screenshots, 6 are shown on the episode page with the rest in the gallery.
Example 1 – top of the page (Click for larger):

Eample 2 – bottom of the page (Click for larger):

The actual page in the above pictures is located HERE.

Even the licensed section has been partially updated with screenshots, more might be added later but its not for definate, just don’t ask how.

For anyone wondering why the above screenshots are slightly different to when you visit the site its because I forgot to logout when I took the screenshot lol. When logged in your avatar appears in the top left next to the advert, and the messge under the menu/navigation tells you if you have any PMs waiting etc.

Link updated. The site is now on a totally different system and layout since this was first written, link updated just for accuracy.


15+Gig of Anime Updates and Ryuumaru Affiliation

Finally I got around to filling in the missing files and episodes on the video library, added in 2 whole series and lots of other missing and updated episodes (DVD or v2 of releases). Every series on the site that has finished airing is now fully complete.

I have also joined up with Ryuumaru Fansubs to bring Ladies Vs Butlers and Omamori Himari to the site as soon as its released, MATV will be the DDL provider to Ryuumaru for all their releases for both shows. All past releases are already up, and all new episodes will be available as soon as they are released. This now makes us DDL for 2 fansub groups, as MATV also provides the DDL for FTV-Subs.

New items added:
Ladies Vs Butlers – (1-6 on-going) – Ryuumaru MKV and MP4
Omamori Himari – (1-5 on-going) – Ryuumaru MKV
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – (1-18 Ayako h264 MKV, Mazui 12-15,17 MKV, SubSmith MKV for special 01)
Valkyria Chronicles – MKV h264 – (1-10 AnY-Conclave, 11-26 gleam)
Rosario to Vampire Capu2 – MKV DVD – (1-7 Ayako + m.3.3.w, 8-9 Ayako + eKissSub, 10-13 Seto Otaku)
Da Capo II – AVI (Shinsen-Subs)
Da Capo II SS – Xvid (Chihiro)
Kamen no Maid Guy * – (Yakuza&T-K h264 MKV 1-12, Xvid 2,4-6,8 and Ayako DVD MP4 1-4, SukiPawa OVA MKV)

There were some earlier updates which were not mentioned on the blog, these also added:
Amaenaideyo Katsu DVD – AVI 1-13 Mendoi
Maid Deka (J Drama) episodes 1-11 in Xvid 704×396
Moekan OAV 1-3 Anime-Empire AVI

Various pictures and descriptions were also updated.
* Kamen no Maid Guy still has some files downloading, a version of every episode is now present but it may not be in the desired format. The remaining Y&T-K MKV’s (2,4,5,6v2,8) and Ayako’s MP4 DVDs 2-4 are on their way.

All of the above are available for download on this page (updated).


Site News! ~ New Anime

Lots of anime has been added over the last week, lots from the FTV-Subs group and some entire new series including Amaenaideyo Katsu, Da Capo, Da Capo II and Valkyria Chronicles. Check out the Full A-Z Listing for all the new additions. Also take a look at the high quality subs from FTV-Subs group which we are hosting for direct download in the FTV-Subs Section.

There have been some problems over the last couple of months with the site which have now been resolved, and the links and lists are now up to date. I have also been adding more info, descriptions and pictures for many of the existing animes, there are still some missing but more will come soon.


MATV Video Library Upgrade

The video library and will be moved to a new server today, and this should finally end the download and bandwidth problems. This means more anime can be added as well!

For parts of today the site will be off line while it is moved to the new server.

Upgrades are compelte, and the site is fully back up and running.


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