As we are now doing an actual anime series and not just the odd game OP, heres a little page about our Fansubbing activities.

Group Members
Translators: Moshiburner, JinK, KarbyP, K0sm0s.
Translation Checkers: K0sm0s, KarbyP.
Editors: KarbyP.
Typeset & Styling: Eri-Tan.
Timing (inc FT and Kara timing): Ritsuko-Akizuki, Maiku_Ando.

See release posts for who worked on any given series or episode, as it sometimes changes.

Our official site is this blog and where the DDLs are hosted, we have an IRC channel #matv on where your welcome to talk to us or idle.

Our first main project is the anime adaption of The [email protected], which we are intending to complete the entire series of and release each episode within 4 days of air time.
We are a new group aiming for quality over speed, as everyone is new to subbing and we have a limited number of active members we do and will continue to make mistakes in episodes, if we think there are enough to warrent a V2 we will do that as a lower priority to main releases when we have time. For minor mistakes, we will leave those to the batch and fix them then.

We do welcome feedback, however we ask that people make constructive comments, and to remember that people have spent a lot of their spare time working on these releases, we do this because we like it, we don’t have to sub anything, and we reserve the right to be as good or bad as we want, to be as fast or slow as we want, and to release or not release as we see fit.

And finally, we hope you enjoy our releases.