To Love Ru Figures

Originally I had been looking for a figure of Magical Kyouko, something which I had expected to be almost impossible, especially as shes a background character based off another show (Black Cat), however I stumbled across a Gasphon set of To Love Ru figures, and not only is there one but two Magical Kyoukos!

They come in set of 6 boxes, each with one figure in a series of plastic run-on bags separating the parts, after unpacking there easy to assemble as they just slot together. They also include a stand and a support, which you don’t really need but its nice to have it. Assembly done, they look really good.

And now for the group photo…

My favourite being the 2 Magical Kyoukos, both have removable hats and cloaks.

I got the whole set for $38.50 off eBay, a real bargain to get 6 great figures, the Kyouko figures are the tallest due to the hat at 15cm. The quality is really good considering their size and they are well built, the hats do fall off fairly easily, but if you fiddle with it and push it on just right, it will sort of stick, and you can even put them upside down without it falling off. At first glance it might seem the two Kyoukos are the same body with a different head, but the arms are fixed, and as if to prove a point, they both have different underwear, which seems a slightly odd detail to go to the length of changing when you only see it during assembly, unless there expecting collectors to keep flipping her upside down a lot, which thinking about it might explain the sticking hat feature as well.


A Certain Maid-Shaped Railgun & New Stuff

New Stuff

Arrived today from AmiAmi Japan…

Yes, Maxima has finally arrived !
This is the picture taken a few moments after opening the outer box, everything still has its cellophane wrapping on.

In this picture:
Maxima from Shining Hearts 1/8th scale figure by Kotobukiya (Re-release).
Dog Days Blu Rays Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5.

I’m sticking to reviewing these by order of arrival, so before I go into the the new stash lets looks at my second figure…

A Certain Maid Shaped Railgun

A 1/6th scale figure by Kotobukiya based from an illustration of Misaka and Kuroko inspired from the one episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun where Misaka dresses up in a maid costume. This figure surprised me by its size, shes 26CM tall ! The size really helps to make it stand out on your desk. The detail is lovely, the hair, collar and bow tie are very well done. Misaka’s eyes are perfectly painted, even with just a little shine, and she has ever such a little red blush on her cheeks as well to match her tsundere personality.

Very well constructed and very solid, attached to a nicely designed base with a screw into the heal of her shoe.

Purchased via pre-order from AmiAmi (item page) for 6,070 yen, their picture (right) does a far better job of showing off the quality of the figure, and be sure to look at the 22 pictures on their site for more detail. Originally released in late August but is still available now as a back order, so hurry while shes still available if your a Mikoto fan! This a must have and well worth getting.

All items are fixed in this figure, so you cant change anything, and for those wondering, she of course  has her trademark shorts on under the maid uniform.

If you want to complete the scene then you’ll need a ‘Maid outfit Teleport’ aka Kuroko as well, also still available on back order from AmiAmi for the same price here, although I didn’t bother, as I’m not really a fan of Kuroko as much, and I didn’t think hers was quite as good.

Above image also from AmiAmi, 13 in total on their site (see above).

While discussing Railgun related goodies, this is a good time to show off this…

A Mikoto / Railgun desk clock, this came as an extra with the April 2011 Issue of Denki G’s magazine. I think this is just awesome and is the best extra I have got so far. The LCD display has 3 electric sparks that flash with the time display. Unfortunately mine no longer keeps correct time,¬† so I wouldn’t recommend using it as your main time source. The Mikoto image part is actually a high quality photo type print which is shrink wrapped and is removable. The back of the clock opens up like a picture frame allowing you to change the picture if you wanted, the front even has a plastic cover, like how a picture frame would usually have a pain of glass. I kept the shrink wrap on the picture to protect it, and if you look closely at my photo, you can just see the join on the lower part of the photo, I decided that minor distraction was worth keeping it pristine.


Zero no Tsukaima: Siesta 1/8th Figure (Alter)

Despite being an anime fan for quite some time, I’ve never really bothered much with any of the merchandising and never bothered with a figure before. However, my accidental discovery of a figure of Maxima from Shining Hearts got my interest and I started paying more attention to them, as it turns out I missed the first pre-orders for Maxima, but I’m on the second production pre-order, so Maxima will appear in a later post (when she arrives late Nov).

My first figure was actually Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima, one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite animes, a sure safe start for my figure collection. This figure is quite old having been originally released in 2008, however I was lucky enough to find an ebay seller still stocking unopened originals for a reasonable price. Buying from ebay is not always a good choice, there’s clearly a lot of copies and fakes on there, so if your doing the same make sure its from a reputable dealer, comes from Japan (not China) and has original packaging. Its also worth mentioning that if the price is too good to be true, its most certainly a copy. That dosn’t mean you should pay $300 tho, there are a couple of extortionate sellers on there to avoid as well.

The picture above is from my own Siesta, apologies for the poor lighting, I may take some better photos later. Take a look at HobbyShop and their pictures which are far better, and even include the obligatory pantsu angle for your pleasure should you wish.

The stand is a quite simple design, and has two stumps which slot into the underside of Siesta’s boots, the fit is good and she dosn’t fall off. The detail is good, nice design on her boots, the dress/uniform and her eyes, and I think has a good likeness to the character. The white apron is made from a softer material and is pliable, however its designed to stay in that position. There are no movable parts and the pose is fixed.

Overall a very likable figure, and she takes pride of place in the centre of my desk, well worth the buy if your a fan of Zero no Tsukaima.

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FUNimation Entertainment Starts Stealth War on Anime Fans

Funimation has started what appears to be a new wave of DMCA attacks against anyone and everyone that uses google…

See this and this and this as just some examples.

These complaints are designed to have google de-list all of the urls in the complaint, take a look at some of those links, Nyaa ok is to be expected, but forums and ebay ?

Further, doing a search on for ‘Funimation’ brings up a total of 54 such complaints.

Google seems relativly happy to simply comply, meaning Funimation can simply keep de-listing bits of the internet as they see fit.

Quite how Funi expects this to help them sell anime is beyond me, and seems to only damage them, if people cant even post or discuss the very product they want to sell, how are we supposed to know it exists in the first place?

Edit: Also take a look at this notice how CrunchyRoll and facebook are also listed.

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MATV Subs: The [email protected] Stalled


So its almost a week since the last post and still no release, and actually very little progress has been made since. Out of the 3 translators, one is on holiday, one is playing arcade games and is getting bored of doing IMAS subbing, and the other is self confessed ‘lazy and unreliable’. My typesetter has gone awol and no one has seen her for a week, my timer is around to idle in the channel but is too busy dataing to work on anything. I’m at work most of the time and have little time to do much, and was ill. As a result, nothing much of anything has happened. Episode 7 airs today and we have EP3 V2, Ep4, Ep5 and Ep6 in the queue, therefore unfortunatly, the project has now stalled.

I honestly don’t know if the group will continue or if the project will resume, but I suspect new team members will be required to keeping it going.
Feel free to drop by #matv on and give ‘words of encouragement’ to the staff, or to join the team if you have some skills, all positions are open.

We would suggest ‘Chibiki’ subs (UTW & co.) which are better than ours anyway, if your tired of waiting on us.

P.S – Random Yukiho picture comes from Episode 2, just becuase I wanted to use it :P


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Update & Delays

We are still running behind on episodes 4 and 5, and now that 6 has aired that is also in the queue as well. Episodes 4 and 5 are translated, TLC is done for 5 and TLC for 4 is in progress. Rough timing and TS we hope to make progress on today.

At present we don’t know when they will be ready, but we are trying to avoid a tripple release, so the intention is to release 4 & 5 together within the next couple of days, and 6 should follow a couple days before ep 7 airs. We should then be back to our normal release time. Atleast thats the plan. :/

We are also considering doing a V2 for episode 3 if we ever get time. Ep3 was rushed, and we’ve had a fair amount of critacism regarding it, no one likes to see a negative review of their work and we certainly don’t like to release something thats bad, we admit it was rushed and in the end we decided we just couldn’t delay it any longer. We’re still behind now, it would be worse if we had spent longer on EP3. In our defense, I don’t think our release was as bad as that review implies, although it was actually only translated by our usual TLC, and we didnt have anyone else to do the TLC or edit, therefore an attempt to edit was done during the QC, but I’m not a skillful editor and did the best I could while trying to keep it accurate.


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 3


We’re a little late on this one, most of the group had some RL stuff that got in the way, so we’re sorry this is so late.
I also managed to mess up the original torrent by using the wrong file, so it had to be re made.

[MATV-Subs] THE [email protected] – 03 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [1D468AB2].mkv


Translator: k0sm0s & KarbyP
TL Check: KarbyP & k0sm0s
Typeset/Kara: Eri-tan
Timing/Kara: Ritsuko-Akizuki, Maiku_Ando
QC: Maiku_Ando, Eri-tan, K0sm0s

Episode 4 is in progress and *should* be out soon as well.


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 2

We’re both faster and slower this week! (Slower than our V1 but faster than our V2).
We took a little longer and focused more on quality, we’re [email protected] fans after all! Hope you see the difference!

[MATV-Subs] THE [email protected] – 02 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [30DDEB3B].mkv


Translator: KarbyP
TL Check: k0sm0s
Typeset/Kara: Eri-tan
Timing/Kara: Ritsuko-Akizuki, Maiku_Ando


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 1 V2


Well I did say we were not happy with the first release, therefore we present our V2!
This is basically MATV-Subs doing a re-work of the previous release.

To clear up some confusion, EveTaku have decided to drop the series and also break the joint, however MATV-Subs are NOT dropping it! We will be here next week (actually its this week now) and we intend on doing the entire series.

If you watched our first release, we apologise, lol please re-watch the V2.

[MATV-EveTaku] THE [email protected] – 01v2 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [AC3EFBA3].mkv


MATV Subs: The [email protected] Episode 1 Release


Well we finally did it. MATV Subs & EveTaku Fansubs present the first episode of The [email protected]!

This was a very difficult release for us, we had lost 3 TLs before the first ep even aired, we got a TL at the last minute (20 hours before air)
and EveTaku had to handle a lot of work to get this finished.
A big thanks to everyone at EveTaku, and of course everyone who worked on this from MATV Subs.

We would like to continue to sub this show, but we need another TL and a TLC, and an editor by next week :/

[EveTaku-MATV] THE [email protected] – 01 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [0D44E18E].mkv


Ok, so there are a few mistakes in this episode, and I’m really not happy with the quality of it. This was a joint project, and well lets just say it really didnt work out for either group. This was rushed out, and no one even got a chance to QC the final before release. Therefore, we’re currently busy working on a V2. We hope to have this out soon.


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