Wish List

Heres a list of some of the items I’m trying to find (for a reasonable price!) in no particular order, although I try to put newer additions at the top.

The wish list has now become a gallery, where you can view it as a slide show or individually, and you can comment and rate the items!

Maiku Ando’s Figure & Doll Wish List

BEACH QUEENS – Fate/hollow ataraxia: Rin Tohsaka 1/10 Complete Figure


Made by: Wave
Year: 2010
Comment: This is ‘OK’ but its kinda lower priority as well, its just not as good as the others.


BOME Collection Vol.22 Fate/stay night – Rin Tohsaka Complete Figure


Made by: Kaiyodo
Year: 2008
Comment: This doesn’t really look right to me, the ears, what is going on there? Unlikely to buy this unless I *really* want every Rin figure ever made.

Fate/hollow ataraxia – Rin Tohsaka Swimsuit Edition 1/6 Complete Figure


Made by: clayz
Year: 2006
Comment: Not bad, but still looks a bit off. Unlikely to buy this unless I *really* want every Rin figure ever made.

Fate/stay night – Rin Tohsaka 1/7 Complete Figure


Made by: ebCraft/ Enterbrain
Year: 2006
Comment: This is just hideous, I mean, OMG what the hell happened here? This is like an insult to Rin. I don’t want this / I deny this exists!

There are several other Rin figures I now remember, one where she is held by Berserker and 2 Nendroids, one in a pink car / Cadillac, I don’t like Nendroid figures however.



Haruka (Idolmaster)

Seen for $167.
Comment: Too much. This is only about 17cm tall, and the Yukiho version i got for around $40.


Luka Megurine Vocaloid

Seen for about $60.
No longer a wish list item, as I now have one! Found at the MCM Expo in London May 2012, review and pictures soon.

Another Luka, this time the Figma version

Seen for about $55.
You can make several different poses as the body moves and bends at the joints. Also includes some accessories.

Hina from Hayate the combat butler (maid ver)

Seen for around $30.
Comment: I suspect this particular one pictured to be a fake – its too cheap and dosnt look that great, looking for one thats genuine.

Rei (maid ver) from Evangelion

Seen for $170.
Comment: Thats alot of $, but its Rei… in a maid outfit…
I now have a copy/fake with Rei in the same costume but standing up, review and pictures soon, I still want the original however.