Productive to Mehhh… in 60 seconds.

So… around last friday I started to feel a bit sickish.  Last sunday I felt sick enough I ended up sleeping 12~13 hours.  This past week I’ve just been completely out of sorts as the flu does a number on me.  I’ve started feeling better, but my stamina is low and I’ve lost a little over a week.

One of the strangest things about being sick is how you pass the time: Sleep and anything to distract you that you can find.  You devote an amazing amount of time to these things to take your mind off how miserable you feel.

These are never productive things, which is why I’m updating on a tuesday instead of the usual sunday night/predawn monday.

They are sometimes, however, enlightening things.  For example, I never knew Compressed Earth Bricks existed, let alone were actually durable enough to be a viable building material.  I didn’t know how Lead Acid Batteries worked, nor did I know their history.   This knowledge may eventually be useful some day but for the moment it remains something I could have looked up when actually relevant.

At this point, I’m somewhere between healthy and sick.  If I don’t overexert myself, I don’t feel sick at all, and am struggling to make up for lost time without hitting my limit.

Catching up will be interesting.


  1. daft27 Said,

    March 7, 2013 @ 7:58 am

    It’s been a few weeks now – hope you’re feeling better.

    As for recovering from the ‘mehhh’, if you don’t have a regular routine available, I think you should look into some system for getting things done. There are a bunch of good resources for getting yourself into gear. I recommend taking a look at the 7 habits of highly effective people, poke for more details.

  2. Norren Said,

    March 8, 2013 @ 12:06 am

    I am feeling better now, I spent a few weeks scrambling at urgent stuff. I think I’ve dug myself out from under the urgent pile and can settle back into a schedule again. I haven’t read the Seven Habits since middle school, I should probably reread it now that I have a better grip on the world.

    The worst of the “urgent work” (34+ hour job spread out 2~4 hours a day over the course of February, that started while I was sick.) I’ll be blogging about shortly. I’ve wanted to write about it for a few weeks, but needed to finish it just to be sure of my details.

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