The April Fool(ishness!)

Well, last weekend was a bit of a mess for me, and it took me a while to get my mood out of the gutter for how bad I felt.  Truth be told, I’m still kind of muddled, but I’m no longer in so much pain that I can’t think about other stuff.

Before I pulled a muscle last weekend, I had intended to talk about Aquaponics… but right now I’m inspired to just kind of review everything, and seeing as how some of it is pure foolishness, it’s appropriate that this post will be dated April 1st.  (One of those days I’ve never really liked, but there’s always some great jokes out of big companies, like this year’s Google nose, Blizzard’s “Every race is getting warhounds” announcement, Windows Blue… oh wait, Windows Blue wasn’t an april fool.)

For me, my April foolishness is mostly in thinking I’m about to get a vacation.  Realistically speaking, I’m not getting a vacation so much as time to myself: My family is leaving on a 5 month road trip in a few days, leaving me home to house-sit.   I’m not actually getting a vacation…   I have tons of work to do…I keep telling myself that.  I’m not quite sure it’s getting through.  *laugh*

I also am surprised to find that something I was sure of last year is actually wrong.  Last year I said that NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) only happens once a year.  I had been getting E-mails for something called “Camp NaNoWriMo” for quite a while and for some silly reason had just assumed it was a novel writing seminar in a camp format without actually reading the E-mails.  I took a glance at one out of curiosity only to realize it was another NaNoWriMo event with a campground skin on the website.  They’re holding one this month and another in July, in addition to the primary event.

I want to take another crack at it, and had been trying to work to get my schedule cleared up so that I’d have plenty of downtime the first few days of the month to choose what I was going to write about and get started, but the more work I think I’ve finished, the bigger the snowball of remaining work really is.  Even if I somehow got rid of every last computer support task by the end of the week, I’d still have a game project, a software app, and housework to keep me busy.

Still, as foolish as it is, I might just try to write something.  I really need the practice at story crafting.  For as much as I feel my skills have improved with my last few writing efforts, it’s still only a drop in the bucket of where I need them to be.  My efforts to improve my writing have helped my critical analysis of stories, but the main gain has been in gaining a loose grip on how to plan a story’s pace so that I don’t have to guess if a section will be fast or slow as I write it.  No matter what I do with the writing, I’m not signing up for the april event, but I will probably sign up for July’s.

My programming goals are kind of a sad point.  The software app actually has quite a bit of of promise, more than any of the games I want to make.  It’s been on my list of things to do for a year, and I was given good reason to focus my code time on it last month instead of the game.  But, evidently I know more about making games than I do making information handling apps.  I plan to focus on the engine again while devoting a single day per week to the app and the learning it requires.  That way I hope to learn what I need to to make the app happen while I make the game a reality.

Honestly, the biggest April fool’s day gag, is actually that it’s already April.  it feels as if it should still be the 16th or so of march.

I’ll cut it off here, next weekend I’ll try to cover Aquaponics, unless something else comes up.

Edit: Oh how brilliant:

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