FTVcraft, CNC Milling, illness, and so on.

Well, it’s been a little while.

Since I’m sort of drawing a blank on what I’ve mentioned here vs what I’ve mentioned in the “What are you doing?” thread, I’m living out the misadventure filled life of a bachelor since my family is out on a long vacation and left me as housesitter.

Naturally, I got sick while they’re gone and there’s a ton of work to do.  I’m over it at this point, but it was ill timed.

Fortunately, most of the really bad stuff is dealt with, but while it was going I didn’t really feel up to writing.

The first and coolest thing I have to ramble about is how fun the FTVcraft server is!  Nioki’s got a nice server going, and we all have interesting bases! ^_^  Minecraft is one of the best ways to kill time when you’re sick or stressed.  Daft and I are sharing the spawnpoint base and it’s turning out pretty nice.  He’s mastered Industrial Craft 2 power distribution and Minefactory Reloaded mob farming, while I’ve been all over the place with automation, storage and power production.  (We have a trio of 36 HP boilers that take a lot of work to max out)  Wedora makes a cool neighbor, too!

Modded minecraft is a strange thing, there are things I like about it and dislike about it at the same time.  Every mod has it’s own distinct “feeling” and every player will find it different, either liking it, disliking it, or indifferently regarding it.  For example, I don’t see much of a point in railcraft, but I loved the now(?) defunct Zeppelin mod, and Applied Energistics is one of those “I can never live without this mod ever again” mods.

Eventually I want to create a mod, but for now that remains little more than an idea that takes a back seat due to other priorities and just an unrealistic obstacle of Mojang not working on the Mod API at all.  (The Mod API might as well share a subtitle with a certain scabbard: “All is a distant dream”.)

This past Wednesday I ended up missing a milestone meeting for the mechanism I’m designing for someone.  I was on track when an accident trashed one of the screws on the CNC machine and my chances of making it on time both.  Trying to work out a recovery plan will be awkward.  The pressure is off for the immediate short term as they know what happened, but I still want to try to blitz that job to completion.

Working out a plan of attack has been interesting.  While fixing the screw will be easy, I’ve discovered I can actually do most of the work by hand, needing the CNC for only a very small, specific application I might even be able to do by hand if I come up with the right jig.  Given that the CNC machine has had difficulty milling plastic- The NEMA-17 steppers it has aren’t fast enough to move at the speed needed to properly cut the plastic- I will probably fix it then try to do as much as I can by hand rather than fiddle and futz with the machine.

This week’s primary task will be getting the equipment needed out of the garage and trying to re-learn basic carpentry.  This involves a lot of cleaning and organizing before I can even get the power tools online.

If I can get through this, then the last major obstacle to resuming work on my practice game is cleared, and from then it just becomes a matter of carving out enough uninterrupted time to work on it.  I’m especially looking forward to getting back to it thanks to a programming concept Daft introduced me to while working with Computercraft turtles, and something else I discovered a really cool website that visually displays the various popular methods of AI Pathfinding.  The pathfinding one is really significant since it represents one of the more intimidating and often under-developed parts of game design.

On the other hand… I still have a bunch of work to do.  Ah well.

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