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Over… already…. what?

Going on the sixth or so week of my time away from home, I’ve learned a few things, attended a family reunion, removed my first tick, gotten a few HTML/JS projects started and half finished, finished a few books in my backlog, caught and gotten over a bad two week long cold, discovered none of my customers took me seriously when I said “We’ll be gone until August”, and half-built a huge underground palace in Minecraft that I can’t ever seem to pay attention to the game long enough to finish.

Unfortunately, I should have known better than to take my family seriously when they said “we’ll be gone until August”.  We’re apparently bugging out in a few days to go back home.  It hit me out of left field so hard that I’ve had several anxiety attacks over it.

I should be relieved to return home, because it means I’ll be in a place where I can actually stay current with events and download software and updates. (more on that , later.)  What’s causing my anxiety, however, is… well, a caveat first.

I haven’t spent as much time studying code as I thought I would, but in its place I’ve actually been going through the pile of books I brought down with me and a few I bought here.  I haven’t read much analog print in the last few years, mostly due to how much easier on my eyes I find reading on the computer.  I’ve recently taken to trying to counteract that by reading on the Kindle app, which has helped quite a bit.  (Half the books I’ve read have actually been kindle books)  Reading has been good, a few of the books were also good inspirational/motivational books that I enjoyed considerably and got a bit out of.

So, the lack of achievements doesn’t bother me, especially since I have been trying to make as much of a vacation as possible out of it.  What bothers me is first that I’d hoped to be recharged by the end of this and instead I’m drained.  I’m exhausted, the things I thought would get me the isolation I wanted to think, rest, and plan ended up becoming barriers I railed against.

After many attempts at writing this post, I managed to arrive at something that calmed me down and helped me relax a bit, and that’s how things have actually changed in my absence, primarily: we hired a friend of mine to serve as a housesitter and he ended up serving as our computer repair field agent.  He wants to keep doing the work, as well, for the extra residual income.  So I finally got out of my old job… by hiring it done.

Back to the downloads, I’ve been using a really crummy Verizon hotspot on which I really just don’t have enough data to spread.  Between three people, 10 gigs goes extremely fast.  I have a phone with unlimited data, but it only gets signal in certain parts of town, so downloading a week’s worth of episodes typically means parking in one of several parking lots and just sitting there for two hours while everything downloads.

This isn’t a realistic option- I’m sure the places don’t want me loitering around in their parking lots anyway, so I’ve mainly just been queuing up everything and letting it download if it’s going to.  Doing this I’ve been able to keep somewhat current on some of the series, but lower interest ones have just been backlogged until I get home.

So when I get home, it’ll be time to max out the transfer rate, get caught up, relax and have a blast.

It’s kind of weird how at the end of a vacation, you always seem to need a vacation from your vacation.

Lastly, a little HTML experiment. this isn’t IE friendly, (Tested in current Firefox and Chrome) but if you’re here you should know better than to use IE anyway: