“I’m going to cast Raise Blog!”

I have left this blog idle for far, far too long.

So, what do I plan to do with this place?

For now, I think I’m just going to go back to random once a week posting. Nothing extremely premeditated, just random mental brain dumping once a week. So, to start, I’ll dump what I’ve been doing all this time.

Since it’s been a few years, I’ll start from the beginning! Those of you following my posts over in the “What are you doing?” thread, but for some of you this will be a first, so… here goes!

First, I spent more or less a year out of commission as I had my wrists glued back together by a doctor. That was fun. This means I can draw without my wrist causing tension migraines, but in exchange, I got into a car crash and now I get random migraines from the whiplash injury. Murphy’s Law, folks.

In addition to this, I did lots of blueprint drafting work on a dream home for my parents, which they promptly decided was too expensive to build, then asked me when I was going to finish it, then decided it was going to be too expensive to build, then… Yeah, we got caught in a bit of a loop there. I finally decided I needed to get my own life and work caught up to where I could just pay the difference and build them the damn house. So, New life goal, build a damn house for the parents.

I’ve gotten quite a bit into my 3D printer, having learned Fusion 360 at the local hackerspace, and started modeling stuff. Recently, I finally started modeling and printing lots of stuff, and I’ve been printing off things for use on the computer bench’s slat wall. Photos to come later on as another week’s random update when I get more done.

In addition to this, I’ve been revamping my computer business. As many have pointed out, I generally don’t charge enough. I eventually figured out that this was mostly because I was beating myself down on time due to the mixed nature of my work- I tend to do a lot of small talk with clients to entertain them and pass the time while I wait on things, and I feel guilty about charging them for that. I’ve since decided to negotiate with the clients to set up a monthly retainer plan, which has resulted in more billable hours. The world is a strange place!

On my personal projects, I’ve been spending a ton of time rewriting Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Why? D&D is the only tabletop RPG my IRL clique will play, but the weaknesses in the rules (of all the editions) result in us unequally leveraging the rules against the scenario, and some people feel left out and start subconsciously rebelling and crazy stuff happens. Linked to this, I’ve also been designing it as a “free commercial product”, figuring that if I’m going to build it, I should build it as a professional product for distribution with a business model so if I somehow succeed, I’m not shooting myself in the foot.

On my game development stuff, I’ve been going insane. I have been having a nightmare of a time sitting down to code, between interruptions and the stress I’ve been putting on getting things coded, I’ve finally come to the conclusion I’m trying too hard and need to relax some and just do simple experiments to see what I can make happen. I’ve basically been trying to jump into the deep end when I really need to play in the kiddy pool.

On gaming in general, I decided I really needed to just start goofing off and having fun with games again, because I’d been avoiding them “because I have work to do” and managing to get less work done as a result of trying to be productive. I finally started scheduling to play games, and I goof off on Twitch on Sat/Sun at 4pm eastern with some friends watching. I’m finding Twitch Streaming fun, and Sundays in particular I drag a bunch of friends in and play the D&D Arcade in 4 player Coop. Barrels of fun, helps screw my head on right for the entire week and keep me cheerful. I rather like the eccentric Twitch personality I cooked up, although I find the name rather silly: Ned Ludonarrative, the Gaming Luddite! My current playing list is Eternal Filena, a crazy SNES era JRPG based on a truly terrible light novel that’s so bad it’s awesome, the aforementioned D&D arcade, and off cycle I’ve been playing Sky Rogue and Megaman X games on occasion.

Writing wise, I haven’t done much besides outlining and imagining stuff, but that’s because most of my writing time has been taken up by the D&D 3.5 rewrite.

Reading wise, I need to sloooow down. I’ve taken to reading web/light novel translations when I’m stressed, and my “currently reading” list on novel updates is getting ridiculous. Isekai is such a paradoxical genre, it has many bad elements such as the overplayed harem cliches, but amidst all the hamfisted amateur web novelist “my first story” mistakes, the genre is exceptionally good at providing a funny mirror that reflects the aspects of the real world that are good. It makes for a purely wonderful distraction when you’re feeling down, which given Japanese society, is probably why Isekai is such an oversaturated genre.

Drawing wise, I’ve been making a little progress, but nothing I’m really satisfied with showing people. The other day I learned how to use Clip Studio layers and paint brushes to make realistic watercolors, that was pretty cool.

Minecraft wise, I’ve had to avoid Minecraft lest I lose even more hours to it. I love the game, but it provides form to my mad quest for order and control that just… devours my sanity and time. I want to revive my private server and get that setup for friends to play on again, but… this day is not that day.

So, that more or less brings up most of the things to current, I think. Obviously, I didn’t go into much detail, but I hope to in the coming weeks. Future posts will be more focused, such as rants about how my 3D prints are going or maybe any given project I’m focusing on.

At some point, I’ll build a new template and try to figure out a good way to add an image gallery or some such here. I don’t actually see a pages list on the left, so that might well be turned off on this setup.

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