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The Road Ahead

Well, it’s been a while since I posted here.   A long while.  There’s a mess of reasons for that, some of which I’d like to rant about but shouldn’t, and some I don’t want to rant about but probably should.  Ah well.

To start with, I finally got some real “vacation time”.  It doesn’t feel like much of a vacation since I still have a little web work to finish off, but I don’t care that much right now, the web work will be finished off soon enough.  Technically, it’s not a vacation, but for a little while, it is.

The vacation time comes at a bit of a cost- My parents and I are taking care of my Grandmother for a bit.  For a “Bit” I mean indefinitely- she has Dementia.  It’s not quite as bad as Alzheimer’s, but it’s amazingly frustrating at times and sad to see her start to deteriorate in general.  The last month or so she was staying with us at our place, but being away from her house was very stressful to her.   So, that means we’re out here, on the family property, in the middle of a tick, mosquito, and chigger infested woodland, miles away from town.

The greatest peril out here isn’t the parasites, but rather, the fact that the American “deep south” has some really funny ideas on “high speed internet”.  The last time I was here, two years ago, I saw several signs advertizing high speed 56k dial-up.  No, that’s not a joke…  It’s just the grim reality of how technology isn’t distributed anywhere near equally.  So far the best data throughput rates I’ve seen here have been off my Sprint phone on the 4gLTE towers in town, but out here I’m down to 1.5 bars of the Verizon 3g antenna by that our mobile hotspot picks up, and it has a 10gb/month data limit that is woefully inadequate for life’s needs.  At least I have it, tho’.  I’d be sunk without it.  (I have to go into town to download my anime, tho’.  Yay to sprint having unlimited data plans and 4gLTE networks)

The situation isn’t all that bad, despite the blood and flesh sucking insect-life and near-total internet disconnection, life continues on.  My day job, the family computer business, has been passed off to the son of a family friend, who, hopefully, will make it his own.  While I help my parents out by being around to keep an eye out for Grandmother when they need time for various tasks, I’m getting the opportunity to sit down and do what I’ve always wanted to do – work on my game development work.

For the moment, I’m choosing to focus on HTML 5 Canvas.  It’s an interesting technology, closest to the Flash AS3 scripting that I had started to learn, and with some of the numbers I’ve seen recently, seems to have enough market penetration to be counted upon as a mainstream platform, and there are various “middlewares” which are basically a fake-app wrapper for an HTML/Javascript “app” that can be used to deploy them as an “App” to the various smartphone/tablets.   They’re no native app,  but I expect that for certain kinds of game- the oldschool indy 2D RPGs and 2D platformers, for example, that they’ll be satisfactory.

Past that, I wish I had much of a clue what to do.  I’m so used to my plans failing or being rejected/preempted that I feel like I should just do something, and plan once I’ve begun to learn what my capabilities are.

On the fun side of things, for the next few weeks I’ll be blasting through my gaming backlog.  I’ve got this huge list of things I’ve wanted to do, but held off on for various reasons.  (Mostly to keep myself from retreating into escapism as a solution to depression.)

While it’s not to the level of a plan, some things I’d like to try to get finished in the coming week or two, amidst the gaming:

  • Polish off the website I’ve been working on the last five months- the one bit of work I couldn’t leave behind.  It’s almost done, just waiting on the client to do some content authoring before I make a few minor tweaks to it’s template code.
  • Finish working on my new Forum Avatar. (It’s coming along nicely!)
  • Get a few postable practice works of either sketchbook art or html 5 canvas practice.

I think the above seems realistic enough.

On the gaming side of things, my gaming backlog that I hope to whittle away at over the next 5 months looks like this:

  • Valkyria Chronicles – My replacement PS3 came in before I left, so I’m in the process of re-clearing Valkyria Chronicles in it’s entirety.  I hate losing saves to dead consoles.  Also, because this is one of the most beautiful games of its generation.
  • Ys Celceta – Would you believe I own a copy of every version of Ys 4 except the SNES version, and I’ve never beaten any of them?  Hopefully the English Vita version will fare better.
  • Valkyrie Profile 2 – I found an undub copy of this that I hope to get emulated.  I never did finish my english copy of this game, I stalled out at the sudden difficulty spike that was the Volcano.
  • Fate/Extra – I’m stalled out on Week 3.  Just haven’t gotten around to it.
  • Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune – Halfway through the lawful route, just haven’t gotten around to finishing it off before using the wheel of fortune system to skip back and do Chaotic and Neutral routes.
  • Minecraft: Resonant Rise Modpack – I put minecraft off shortly after the FTVcraft server went down, but really wanted to try this modpack out.  Finally getting a chance to now that I’m no longer afraid of losing myself to escapism.
  • Gnomoria – Because Dwarf Fortress needs a real GUI.
  • Ys Origin – If I manage to finish off all the others.
  • Probably some others I’m forgetting about.

I may have to curtail the gaming again if I find myself relaxing a little too much.  The next few weeks are “Time off” to clear my head, but after that… I’m going to have to be a little more strict with time.  Ah well.  This has gotten a bit ramble-y.  I just wanted to make a blog post again, for the first time in forever.


Random Scribbles

Most of the week I had some stuff in mind to talk about in terms of just hobby stuff, but Friday a huge chunk of my plan came crashing down and left me terribly depressed.  As a result, I just didn’t feel up to writing anything creative yesterday or today, and I really don’t want to subject anyone to depressed ramblings about what happened until I finish figuring out what actually happened.  (edit: Phew.  Back in business… I think.  I’ll ramble about that next week.)

So, instead, I sat down and forced myself to finish a drawing to post instead.  Botched it royally, but not so bad I won’t post it.  (of course, it’s not seeing my pixiv until I fix it in photoshop, but still.)

SAO’s Lady Sakuya: