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A prelude to madness

Thanks to Kit Tsukasa and Daft’s help earlier tonight, I have another blog after a year or two of not running one.  Not sure this is the best place since I won’t blog about Anime that much, but I would rather blog in a community than throw a blog on my own domain that absolutely nobody will read ever.

I ended my last blog as it was basically little more than a repository for horrible guild drama in that one MMO, and resolved that I would eventually open a new blog at some point, once I had cleared my head enough to write interesting things again instead of just venting at random problems/people.  I’m not sure I can say my head is clear, but I can at least say I’ve picked up quite a few interesting things to blog about in recent months.

I’ve commented as much here and there, but I’m about to try to make the switch from being a computer repair person to a flash game developer.  I’m not sure I actually have the skills to pull this off, but after years and years of dreaming and being convinced that it was beyond me, I decided to give it a shot, sink or swim.

The decision didn’t come a moment too soon, as I’ve been caught between a rock and a hard place for really about five or six years now:  I hated my job as a self-employed computer tech, and was wanting to work towards my dream of making games on the side, using the resources of my business to open doors and acquire tools.  However, no matter how I tried to get started, I would hit a wall I couldn’t get past and relax into computer repair.

It took me years to learn that having a refuge, even one I hate, merely gives a convenient excuse for quitting when you face a challenge.  Getting out of my job so I don’t have that refuge to fall back on, I hope, will be what makes it possible for me to move forward in life.

And so, I sit, pondering the things I want to move forward on next year that I’ve either “never had time for” or “have to do if I want to make any money at all”.  It goes something like this:

1) Making games.

I’ve been writing stories and designing games since I was in 3rd grade.  Most of them are not as viable today as they were when I originally came up with them, but I have a few game ideas that I’ve come up with over the years that I think are viable enough that I’ll be able to make a living at them.

Among some of the things I want to try, I want to try making a flash portal based S/RPG engine and world, but I also want to try my hand at a little bit of everything, having ideas for a good roguelike or two, some shooter/platformer type games, and at least one Danmaku shooter. (ZUN is my hero.)

Here and there I might show off some screens of my work.  I’m starting with a goofy “The chaos engine” like shooter that stars Tesla.

2) Do it yourself (DIY) hobby projects.

I discovered DIY projects at a young age. .One of my neighbors introduced me at a very early age to Radioshack hobby electronics, and I’ve been reading about one DIY project or another ever since.  However, I rarely if ever get to follow through and build any of them.

I want to change that, with some of my 2013 goals being to master the small CNC Milling machine I purchased this year, to build a CNC Lathe, and of all strange DIY projects- build my own graphene supercapacitors and PCBs.  (Never in my wildest dreams would I EVER have imagined I would be seriously considering DIY nanotechnology, but this tech looks pretty interesting!)

I also think it would be fun to build my own smarthouse technology, and I will probably write up some musings on the concept, although I might not get to try this beyond proof of concept…  I’m one of those poor souls who makes so little he has to live at home, such endeavors are limited by what the parents will let me install.

3) RC/IC contraptions.

Kind of an odd one, but one of my mentors got me curious about RC Aircraft when I was younger, and with all the DIY stuff, it’s sort of a natural lead-in to building my own RC aircraft.  I also want to play around with robotics a little bit, eventually build some RC blimps/airships as I love airships.  (Such a romantic way to fly, and so many things you can do with them.)

4) Art and Writing endeavours

This probably should be 1st rather than 4th, but I want to finally get my art skills to where I can actually draw a doujinshi and have it not look like garbage, and I have a few novel ideas I’ve always wanted to write just for the sake of writing.  Not much to say on this today, although soon I might post a few drawings.

And of course, here and there I might ramble about an anime series or two. :^)


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