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Everyone’s ecchi dream…. and some more randoms
Posted on March 29th, 2008 at 2:59 pm by Noshi

It’s Saturday evening and I’m bored like omfg. I think that spider in the corner of my room even has more to do than me XD I wanted to share something funny with you:

charming, don’t you think? =’]
Thank god it’s not their real bums, just a print on the skirt itself XD Might come in handy for anyone who would like people looking back, but are too shy to wear sexy stuff? 😛

Ok, but I’m still bored. I’ve been online windowshopping*cough*saving items I want to buy when I get my pay*cough* and came to the conclusion that it’s really bad for me XD while browsing ebay, cdjapan, or online manga shops, there’s always something I’d say: ah, I’d like to have that. The more you see, the more you’ll think of how little money you actually have to spend 😛 . Really sad. But yesterday some cool clothes I ordered arrived, so I can’t complain, and I’ll restrict myself from buying clothes for a while ^^

Maybe some people outside of the Netherlands have heard about this retard politician called Geert Wilders?

not just his head is retarded, but recently he’s made a “movie” called Fitna. Well yes “movie” because it was merely a heap of cut and paste of news fragments and other shocking images regarding the Islam. He shook this whole country with the announcement of his almighty “movie”. It’s fine if he wanted to make a statement with that movie, but he screwed up, and ended up with even that Danish cartoonist as his enemy. The atmosphere in this country is rather tense, as this guy has been making a fuzz about everything islam-related, and Fitna has made everything worse, as it was just a big compilation full of insult. Zero respect for this guy.

Test week coming up for me, I left some books at school so I might be screwed if my friend doesn’t reply to me soon whether she has the books for me or not XD. I hope the tests will go well though. I’ve been skipping and slacking off, but I sure hope it won’t be visible in my results =’]

But, I’m still bored so I think I’ll go for a nice, hot shower and then tuck myself in under my blankets XD read a book, or watch pictures in the magazines I bought last Monday ^^

Yesh! XD

Halloween from Japan
Posted on March 26th, 2008 at 2:26 pm by Noshi

Last Monday was this so called Spooky Fest in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You could call it another Japan-related event with stuffs you can buy, and a Japanese band called The Candy Spooky Theater performing. I got home with two magazines, two cds, a dvd, a stickerset and some autographs of the band XD

For the ones wanting to read further: short review

For the ones who don’t: pictures

Shocked yet? 😛 Japan holds great, but also very weird treasures. But oh well, that’s Japan for you XD

Lately I’ve been doubtful about buying
CDJapan’s so called Fukubukuro happy packs

There is a custom in Japan when merchants show their appreciation to customers and sell “FUKUBUKURO (HAPPY PACK)“, which are bags contained with unknown items worth more than the sold price.

CDJapan would also like to express our gratitude and hold a limited sale for the first time to our foreign customers!! It’s a bag filled with a full-outfit, carefully selected by the staff of SEXPOT!!Loads of new items which were made just for this occasion!

The “FUKUBUKURO (HAPPY PACK)” comes in two types with a Normal Pack and Custom Pack.

The normal pack would be around 60 euros excl. shipping costs. But I’m afraid for the import fees I might have to pay in addition to that. I had to pay 55 euros extra over my last order because it was shipped by EMS =/ and that sucked hard, almost a third of the actual value of the items. I do have heard that if the value of the items is under the 80 euros, there wouldn’t be any import costs, but then again, you are just not sure =/ Does anyone have experience with that? Any tips?

Boredom strikes.
Posted on March 14th, 2008 at 4:27 pm by Noshi

I was randomly thinking back on few days back when I didn’t feel so well, and went for a stroll downtown. Maybe shopping a bit for random things. And then when I was lost in thoughts, I heard a distant voice. It was singing, and as I walked on, the voice got louder. It was this darker man in his thirties, dressed in white clothes, walking with a long wooden stick in his right hand, and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face. He was singing very loud, with a jazzy sound, and as he passed by people, he brought a smile on everyone’s face. Not just the grins of: “hey look at that weird guy singing”, but I think that it brought a very positive vibe to everyone. I think it’s awesome if you can make people smile with such a small thing. That guy was just having fun, and wasn’t embarrassed or anything at all. Lol, I wish I could be like that XD

It was nice for a moment. Not that I went back emo again, but things aren’t going so well lately.

Today I’ve been staying home the whole day.. didn’t go to school, didn’t go to work, because of this weird rash on my skin. :S It’s mostly on my face, neck, and a little bit on my arms. It looks red, dry, irritated and itches and hurts a bit. I hate it, because of that I probably have to skip a whole day of work tomorrow too. There goes my money I needed so badly. Well, maybe not that bad, since I was actually saving up money for my vacation in Hong Kong this summer. And since Wednesday, that party has been ruined, because I’m probably going to have surgery on my back somewhere in May. Which means that I can’t board any plane for a long while. Well this left me really really sad for a few days.. I’ve been nagging for around 2 (or maybe more) years about going to Hong Kong again. It was confirmed that I’d go with with my family and relatives, I was going to turn 18 in HK, and was so looking forward to it but oh well.. Luck has never been on my side much though in my entire life.

I hope my rash will disappear before Sunday though.. I’ve been accepted for that new job I’ve been talking about ^^ Maybe something to look forward to though.. I mean the people working there are really nice, I like the place, the food, and I believe I’ll have a lot of fun staying and working there. Hope I can stay there for a long while. It would be nice since I’ve been jobhopping for a while now… my third job in almost 2 years, and I left my first two jobs because of personal reasons *cough*stupid people*cough*

Right now I’m bored at home. My boyfriend always goes visit his friends on Friday, because I have to go to bed early for work Saturday morning. But since I’m probably not working tomorrow, I’m at home, alone, boring the crap out of me. Not much I can do about, but watching random anime episodes, and I might try playing gunbound again or something 😛

Well I hope you are better off than I currently am XD I’ll survive somehow ^^

As long as I got chocolate

and as long as I got the genes that won’t let me get fat easily XDD

Posted on March 9th, 2008 at 10:00 am by Noshi

Somehow, on Sunday I always think back on the passed week.

I was skipping school again last Thursday =__= I hate myself for doing this, but it’s just so easy, and I usually know what I’m doing. My grades don’t say that I’m skipping classes, and I won’t get into trouble easily for it… but still it’s bad XD and I know.

I also found a potential new job. It’s somewhat of an asian fastfood restaurant, but healthy. www.eazie.nl It provides healthy asian meals like sushi, smoothies, and low-fat wokmeals with rice and noodles XD Yeh somehow I think I’m going to like it there, as they called me back the day after I applied for the job, and the ppl seem nice and all :).. unlike the stupid ppl at my current job >__> oh well, I’m gone there after 2 weeks anyways or so..

Lately, I’ve been trying to get these cute shoes: click but mostly sites and shops from the UK sell this brand 🙁 Pounds are expensive, and the shipping costs even more XD. Have been trying my luck on ebay too, but seems that some people really ask too much, or have huge feet >__>

So far my Sunday rant. I’ll try to update during weekdays more often when I’m less bored XD

Posted on March 2nd, 2008 at 2:16 pm by Noshi

Have you ever felt sad
you know..
about holidays coming to it’s ends?! D:
XD sorry.

If there’s someone who hates school with a huge passion, then that must be me. I don’t necessarily hate school in general, just the current school I’m attending with the most annoying teachers and the most retarded geeky classmates I’m with now >__>.

This holiday wasn’t any special. Although it does feel good to have a week off, and to be able to spend some time with people you don’t see much. And I’ve noticed that free time is bad for my wallet. Every time you go out, or do fun stuff with others, money just flies out of your wallet faster than you notice. o__O

Oh well, so far my attempt to save up money XD

I get my pay tomorrow, and hope it’s a lot. I really need to start saving up money so I can take better care of things I wanna do or buy. I can remember some concerts last year in Germany I wanted to attend, and had to save money like omg in a very short time every time, to be able to go to.

Right now I’m not feeling too well. Yesterday I woke up around 7.30 am, went to work around 7.45 am, worked till 5 pm, then slept for an hour, and then went to a birthday where I stayed till 3 am because of some stupid halo night after the party. I never play halo .______. So I got home at 4 am, and slept till today, 3 pm… and even though I slept for so long, I fell asleep again after 3 hours I woke up till dinner because I felt like crap, and still feeling bad because of a headache and a bit of a backache. I’m trying to survive my maths homework for tomorrow, but it’s not really going well seeing that I’m currently distracting myself with writing a blog entry 😛

Oh well, I hope for a better day tomorrow ^^

or at least not a worse one XD