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Posted on March 2nd, 2008 at 2:16 pm by Noshi

Have you ever felt sad
you know..
about holidays coming to it’s ends?! D:
XD sorry.

If there’s someone who hates school with a huge passion, then that must be me. I don’t necessarily hate school in general, just the current school I’m attending with the most annoying teachers and the most retarded geeky classmates I’m with now >__>.

This holiday wasn’t any special. Although it does feel good to have a week off, and to be able to spend some time with people you don’t see much. And I’ve noticed that free time is bad for my wallet. Every time you go out, or do fun stuff with others, money just flies out of your wallet faster than you notice. o__O

Oh well, so far my attempt to save up money XD

I get my pay tomorrow, and hope it’s a lot. I really need to start saving up money so I can take better care of things I wanna do or buy. I can remember some concerts last year in Germany I wanted to attend, and had to save money like omg in a very short time every time, to be able to go to.

Right now I’m not feeling too well. Yesterday I woke up around 7.30 am, went to work around 7.45 am, worked till 5 pm, then slept for an hour, and then went to a birthday where I stayed till 3 am because of some stupid halo night after the party. I never play halo .______. So I got home at 4 am, and slept till today, 3 pm… and even though I slept for so long, I fell asleep again after 3 hours I woke up till dinner because I felt like crap, and still feeling bad because of a headache and a bit of a backache. I’m trying to survive my maths homework for tomorrow, but it’s not really going well seeing that I’m currently distracting myself with writing a blog entry 😛

Oh well, I hope for a better day tomorrow ^^

or at least not a worse one XD

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Link Here | March 3, 2008,

hey, I also hate it when holidays end. I hate school though 😛 so that may be an explanation for my disdain 🙂
And I’ve also noticed that money flies out of my wallet whenever I’m out having fun… I just lose track of my spending until it’s too late… and there is nothing left 🙁

Comment by julezia |

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