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Boredom strikes.
Posted on March 14th, 2008 at 4:27 pm by Noshi

I was randomly thinking back on few days back when I didn’t feel so well, and went for a stroll downtown. Maybe shopping a bit for random things. And then when I was lost in thoughts, I heard a distant voice. It was singing, and as I walked on, the voice got louder. It was this darker man in his thirties, dressed in white clothes, walking with a long wooden stick in his right hand, and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face. He was singing very loud, with a jazzy sound, and as he passed by people, he brought a smile on everyone’s face. Not just the grins of: “hey look at that weird guy singing”, but I think that it brought a very positive vibe to everyone. I think it’s awesome if you can make people smile with such a small thing. That guy was just having fun, and wasn’t embarrassed or anything at all. Lol, I wish I could be like that XD

It was nice for a moment. Not that I went back emo again, but things aren’t going so well lately.

Today I’ve been staying home the whole day.. didn’t go to school, didn’t go to work, because of this weird rash on my skin. :S It’s mostly on my face, neck, and a little bit on my arms. It looks red, dry, irritated and itches and hurts a bit. I hate it, because of that I probably have to skip a whole day of work tomorrow too. There goes my money I needed so badly. Well, maybe not that bad, since I was actually saving up money for my vacation in Hong Kong this summer. And since Wednesday, that party has been ruined, because I’m probably going to have surgery on my back somewhere in May. Which means that I can’t board any plane for a long while. Well this left me really really sad for a few days.. I’ve been nagging for around 2 (or maybe more) years about going to Hong Kong again. It was confirmed that I’d go with with my family and relatives, I was going to turn 18 in HK, and was so looking forward to it but oh well.. Luck has never been on my side much though in my entire life.

I hope my rash will disappear before Sunday though.. I’ve been accepted for that new job I’ve been talking about ^^ Maybe something to look forward to though.. I mean the people working there are really nice, I like the place, the food, and I believe I’ll have a lot of fun staying and working there. Hope I can stay there for a long while. It would be nice since I’ve been jobhopping for a while now… my third job in almost 2 years, and I left my first two jobs because of personal reasons *cough*stupid people*cough*

Right now I’m bored at home. My boyfriend always goes visit his friends on Friday, because I have to go to bed early for work Saturday morning. But since I’m probably not working tomorrow, I’m at home, alone, boring the crap out of me. Not much I can do about, but watching random anime episodes, and I might try playing gunbound again or something 😛

Well I hope you are better off than I currently am XD I’ll survive somehow ^^

As long as I got chocolate

and as long as I got the genes that won’t let me get fat easily XDD